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Exercise where to start???

on 9/16/16 1:02 pm

Hello, I am 2 weeks sleeved and have severe to moderate arthritis.

I also need a new hip which will happen in March.

Where do I start with exercise.

Walking is great but the hip does not really allow for that much.

Was thinking of some strength training maybe  once I'm approved.

Anybody, got any ideas.


Surgery: 9/2/16  H.W. 340 S.W.254 


Kandace F.
on 9/20/16 9:34 am
RNY on 11/28/16

Small hand weights.  Look up some exercises online that you can do with 3-5lb hand weights.  Call your Rheumatologist.  They can suggest some sort of exercise that you can do now that won't compromise your hips, knees, feet, etc.  Once you get the new hip, and shed some more weight, you'll feel brand new and probably want to run a marathon!  Good luck!  

on 9/20/16 6:43 pm

Great ideas !



Surgery: 9/2/16  H.W. 340 S.W.254 


on 10/12/16 10:07 am
RNY on 09/09/16

Swim!!!  I am only a month post-op, still waiting for one incision to heal up before I can swim but that helps so, so much.  I have not been able to walk with bad knees and a hip, so feel totally incapacitated.  Hopefully next week I will be cleared to start again.  I noticed that moving at all helps with arthritis.  Good luck to you on your journey.

on 1/14/17 2:23 pm - Arlington, TX
VSG on 08/17/16

If you can't swim, get in a pool and just walk in the water.  It's amazing, I rehabbed a knee that way after reconstruction surgery.  Now I'm doing it in order to ramp back up into regular exercise with auto-immune arthritis.

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