Pain in Lower back and Swelling of ankles and feet

on 7/13/04 11:54 am - Nashville, NC
RNY on 01/18/05 with
I am a 27 y/o female, I have lower back pain all of the time, my extremeties sometimes go to sleep, and I have severe swelling in my ankles and feet. I have never had any trouble with high blood pressure, but I am extremely overwieght. I didnt start having the swelling problem until about 3 months ago really noticabely and it has been progressively getting worse. Yesterday and today, it was really bad; so bad that its really painful, and other people are concerned about me too. I have a dr appt on Wed. Does anyone have experience with this, and if so, what do you think it could be? Thanks in advance for your answers and opinions. Marisa G.
Linda D.
on 7/17/04 10:20 am - Newton, NJ
I'm no doctor, but it sort of sounds like a pinched nerve as far as the sleeping extremities go. I've had sciatic pain often, but that was usually pain running down the back of my legs and it seemed like no position was comfortable, especially sitting. I had to get medication for that, naproxen and cyclobenzaprine. Before I had WLS, my ankles and feet swelled quite a bit, but it wasn't painful. My ankles and feet still swell, but not as much, but I am on my feet 8 hours a day. I don't really know what causes it. I know I didn't help you much, but I sympathize with you..I hope you feel better soon! Linda
elaine B.
on 7/17/04 1:01 pm - nashville, TN
hi marissa, the swelling in the feet and ankles sounds like something that i suffer with and i have been diagnosed with congestive heart failure. However, mine is not extremely painful like yours is. the dr gave me water pills and as long as i take them the swelling is minimized, however the water pills keep you in the bathroom, thank GOD i don't have to go to work, I would never be able to make it, Since I am writing this after your dr appointment I hope you have found out what it is and are being treated for it. i hope u r feeling better God bless you and keep the faith email me anytime. I see you live in Nashville NC is that north carolina - i didn;t know there was a nashville NC I live in Nashville TN
on 9/26/04 11:42 am - Las Cruces, NM
Hi Marisa, I have arthritis in both knees and I have the lower back pain. My back freezes up and I have to find a place to sit. I had a proximal RNY on August 20th. I've lost 26 pounds but I still have the same problems. My orthopedist said I would have less pain if I lose weight. I'll probably have to lose more weight to see a difference. I have to walk with a cane. I've tried to walk but haven't been able to get to a mile a day. Now that I'm four weeks out, I can start more aerobic exercise. I'll be on my stationary bicycle tomorrow. I'm hoping that will help a bit. Hang in there. It gets better with time. And I know the wls helps with problems. I'm type II diabetic and since the surgery I haven't had to take my pills or insulin. My blood pressure is not where we want it to be but it is becoming more stable. Hope you get your date soon. Take care, Sandra
on 10/20/04 8:50 am - Effort, PA
I get swelling in my ankles and feet aslo but I don't have heart problems. They relate it to being obese. I'm on water pills. I have pain my lower back at times also. Obesity takes it's toll on the poor body I'm hoping to have my surgery after the first of the year. Donna
Sonia H.
on 1/7/05 5:34 pm - Windsor, Canada
I've had lower back surgery, and honestly I would push, save do anything to get a Cat Scan just to make sure! Not trying to freak you out, it's just better to be safe than sorry, sometimes x-rays don't show everything and can change from 1 to 3 months. i went in september for a follow-up and showed a bulging disc, and in december the disc had gone away and now they have discovered that I have spinal stenosis which is thinning of the spine. Make sure they scan from C1 to S5 that is cervical 1 to saccral 5. I know exactly what you're talking about, oxycontin (pain med for cancer patients) doesn't even help when you're in that much pain, and it has cost me many jobs, and other opportunities. Now I just can't wait to have the WLS. I am tired of the pain! Good luck and best wishes Sonia
karen B.
on 2/22/05 6:33 am - fayetteville, nc
I feel you! I have had back pain for the past 3 yrs. The heavier Iget the worse the pain gets. The stiffness but no ankle or leg swellling but my legs ache because of the back pain. Everones right about the sitting or standing too long. I have had myelograms, steroid injections, all the pain meds in the world, physical theraphy, acupuncture,c-scans, mri's, water aerobics, you name it. And finally they said it's lower lumbar disk disease. But it would get better if I lose the weight. So finally my surgery is just 3 days away, friday 25th....HOORAY I am praying that once I get this wieght off and start to live better and eat better that the back pain will subside. I would just like to sleep a full night without tossing in pain or waking up in pain. Or shopp at Walmart and not get a cart for a few items just so I will have something to lean on. Make sure they exclude all the possibilites and run all the tests or therapies. But sadly most of us with obesity have back pain hip pain or leg pain. Our bodies only can take so much and hen your obese it pushes it to the limit. good luck
on 11/20/06 10:06 pm - Newark, DE
I am caught in this cycle.  I have the swelling of the ankles and calves.  I had the lumbar decompression in April 06 (L-3-4-5).  I have a sciatic situation.  I am currently scheduled for more back surgery 11/30 for S-1.  my right leg has nerve damage and is useless.   I have had numerous CAT scans, MRIs w/contrast and xrays.  It wasn't until I had the emg that proved there is nerve damage in my R foot that the doctors took notice.  I am praying that having the S-1 fixed and my lap band will help my health and MOBILITY. My saying is which came first the chicken or the egg?  Which came first the swelling, back/sciatic or lack of ability to move?  I am still pre-op for the lap band.  I figure I will get it in Feb (mainly because of the insurance).   best of luck to you   c
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