Gold Gym's Sauna Suit

on 6/22/10 4:24 am - Gastonia , NC
I purchased a sauna suit over the weekend, and used it for the first time yesterday.  Boy was i dripping wet.  I've been told that this suit can be dangerous.  Please advise if you any of you have used this and if you find it safe...
on 6/22/10 4:48 am - Somewhere, TX
You do realize that you are losing water weight and not fat, right? If I remember correctly Martin Lawrence trained in a similar suit and stroked out.  Be careful, you are losing minerals through all that sweating and as soon as you drink water; putting it all back on. 
on 6/22/10 5:29 am - Gastonia , NC
No I didnt realize that... My issue is when I work out or walk I don't  sweat alot.  I was hoping to at least to drop inches.  I drink plenty of water daily.  I  have had already today 100oz.   Thanks for your feed back
on 6/22/10 6:27 am, edited 6/22/10 6:28 am
I use to run for 2 straight hours in a sauna suit, and I would literally lose a cup or more of sweat and yes your losing water, which in my case I thought was a good thing cause I have such bad edema all over my body.

I did however stop using the suit because I started to smell amonia after my runs and confirmed with my ex trainer that the smell of amonia is a bad thing, it's my body burning muscle which was horrible for me cause i'm all about the muscle.

I will only use my suit now if i'm really full of fluid and have to fit my ass into some tight jeans to be at something.   You do feel smaller when using it but your burning off water and you have to be really careful to drink way more water than 8 glasses to replace it. 
Salty Pickle a.k.a.  Lee
on 6/22/10 6:32 am - Somewhere, TX
Everyone is different. I actually sweat like a grown a$$ man, however my mother very seldom perspires at all.  Sweating is not an indicator of work. I wouldn't let myself focus on that.  Do the motion and the weight loss will happen.

Good Luck,
on 6/22/10 6:36 am
That's true Shay,  I sweat pretty good without a suit.  My back is always sopping wet, it's like my upper back and shoulder area that sweats like crazy.   

Oh my butt crack tends to sweat whenever I forget a jacket to put around me and i'm working out in a park and can't cover it.   LOL
Salty Pickle a.k.a.  Lee
on 6/22/10 9:46 am - Somewhere, TX
I'm going to say TMI, Lee. LOL

Actually I have learned that heather gray workout pants let everyone know your secrets if not carefully shielded.  Nothing like running into WalMart after a workout and having men u've never seen b4 and never see again, stare at you (Oprah moment) V-jayjay.
The One
on 6/22/10 6:33 am - Houston, TX
Ok just  FYI. I was told by a trainer if you wear that suit you are to wear a barrier under it. It should not be just your skin and that suit. If you are wearing the top then put on a t-shirt under or if you are wearing the bottoms put on some bike shorts but never wear it skin to suit. It's been some years and I can't remember why he told me not to. I wear the top only but I also have a long sleeve thin shirt under it. Yes you will loose inches and a lot of water. So make sure you replinsh what you have lost with gatorade or powerade so you don;t get dehydrated.

A NewTay
on 6/22/10 6:56 am
i have one, but it's too hot to be trying to use it right now.  i just purchased some gold's gym shorts that feel like a deep sea diving suit.  they serve the purpose w/o getting overheated.

i,too, was concerned b/c of martin lawrence.  but he took it to the extreme.  he had on a sauna suit along with MULTIPLE layers of clothing and he was high on some ish! 
if you're going to use it in the summer, be practical AND safe!


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on 12/9/12 7:24 pm

Did you do your research before buying/ using? When I bought my  Sauna Suit (a Swelter wear one) I spent an age checking out the best and safest way to wear and use it. Like others have said, I decided that a barrier underneath was the best for me so went for a swelter suit as the "premier" one has a "base layer" for it.

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