Weight loss without revision????

on 1/31/16 5:42 am

Hey, I was wondering if anyone had success losing weight after they gained without having revision surgery. I had my surgery in novemeber 2011 and I was down to 195lbs from 380lbs but over the years I have gained 75lbs back. I need to get it off but I want to do it without surgery! Has anyone had success and if so...what did you do?????

on 2/10/16 6:00 am

Yes, it is doable.  What type WLS did you have?

on 2/18/16 9:59 am

Yes.  I regained 30 pounds and lost it in about 3 months.  I went back to basics.  I kept a food journal, kept calories to no more than 1000, 35 g carbs, at least 90 g protein.  I used protein shakes so i could get my proteins that high.  Meals were proteins plus low carb veggies or fruits.

the weight doesn't come off as quickly as it did during the honeymoon phase (just after surgery), but it came off.

on 1/8/17 6:15 pm

Hey, Thanks for that reminder- it is doable..  I had my greatest success with a food and activity journal tracking: a low carb/high protein diet, and lots of water & excercise.

I'm 8 yrs out and I started regaining after my knees gave out 5 years ago.    My knees are still jacked up, but I'm trying to get off the excess weight.  I recently started going to a Cognative Behavior group & I joined the local gym; I just love Zumba and yoga.  

"Back to Basics"- love it.  Thanks, and keep pressing forward.


Lap Band: 12/2009

310: Beginning weight

190: Lowest weight

245: Highest regain weight

175: Goal- (and lower body lift will be non-scale reward)

215: Current weight


        2011 goal                                  It works if you work it!  
on 2/27/16 3:22 pm
Revision on 03/25/16

hello , I had the sleeve done 02/09/12  lose from 311 to 188  I have regain to 260  need help. Thinking about getting resleeved this month in Mexico


on 3/8/16 2:14 pm - Hesperia, CA

I have been seeing all the ads for the surgeries that are in Mexico but I had the RNY what can I do as a revision surgery?

on 3/9/16 7:05 pm - GA

Chyeka, I go through periods where I think I i've gained and don't like the way I feel, what works best for me is going back to my meetings. Remember this is a lifestyle change, you can do this. Find an accountability partner that is willing to walk that journey with you. 

Im proud of you, 

on 4/20/16 8:41 am - Cleveland, OH

I just logged on to this site for the first time in over a year.  I have the same issue.  Would love to see what others have done...sigh.

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