on 4/21/16 5:57 pm

Hello I am a newbie to WLS community. I'm thinking about getting a procedure done I am 5"9 ,291 I am at my wits ends, with the state of my body... I really don't have any medical problems  other then I have not had a menstrual cycle in over five years without medication. No matter what I do I don't seem to be able to lose more than  5 pounds. I have had tests ran, and my thyroid functions are right all of my numbers as far as bloodwork  I am scared to death of dying due to my weight and dependents on food  (Am a stress/ emotional Eater). Am really just looking for something or someone to point me in the right direction.... Am desperately looking for help I feel myself sinking into a worst depression every day due to my weight and self-esteem problems. I do see a therapist and  psychiatrist....  I have tried weight loss programs and diets without any real change. 

on 4/25/16 8:27 pm

We are literally in the same boat! I felt like I was reading  my own thoughts that I have daily! I think what matters at this point is that you are even considering surgery and you know something has to change because that's exactly how I feel. Although, it can be overwhelming with where to start and all the questions and doubts that come with making the choice to have the surgery!  Either way that first step is making the choice and getting started. Well, anyway I just wanted to reach out to tell you that your not alone in how you feel and I wish you luck in what ever you do! Stay strong!

on 5/1/16 1:32 pm

Thank you for the  encouragement I really needed to read that today

on 4/27/16 9:06 am

I just joined the site today.  I am 62 years old. Married for 43 years. I have four adult married children and 11 of the most amazing grand kids on the planet. Like everyone else my life is not perfect but I am blessed in many ways. If i could change anything it would be my weight. I am 5'7 and I weigh a whopping 330 lbs. I have been in the 300's for at least ten years.  When I got married I weighed 134 lbs. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT!!! I actually started gaining weight when I was around 30 years old and I have never stopped. I have been on every weight loss plan imaginable and most of them worked while I was on them.  I always said having weight loss surgery would never be an option for me and yet here I am contemplating it.

I have no real health issues. I take the minimum dosage of lisenoprol (sp) but that is it.  Of course I do have the other issues that are attributed to being obese. Hurting knees, shortness of breath, clothes shopping limitations, etc. I am not a fan of exercise but I do have a membership at TWO gyms that I keep current for when those spell**** me. LOL

Oh did I mention that I am a pastor and a women's motivational speaker.  So that adds to my list of challenges with my obesity. Most times I feel like a complete failure although I have accomplished a lot in my life. I completed two college degrees after the age of 50. 

So somebody let's get to talking.  Tell me about your weight loss journey or challenges or something.

Lady K

on 5/1/16 1:44 pm

Challenges of me trying to lose weight is I can't eat anything! ( not really but it feels like it) am lactose intolerant,gluten sensitive and have a allergy to eggs... ?? I retain water!! But my doctor says that's because I don't drink enough. So if I lose 5 pounds and than drink let's say the eight glasses of water in a day. I will have gained 3 back ð??'IN A DAY! But am thinking of talking with my doctor about weight loss  surgery. And what my insurance will cover. My biggest concern right now is the recovery time and the aftereffects is far is nutrition because by me having so many food allergies.  

on 4/30/16 11:59 pm
VSG on 12/29/15 with

I was sleeved on 12/29/15 and so far it has been the best thing I have ever did for myself! I have lost a total of 65 pounds, I look better, feel better and most importantly feel so much better about myself! Like you, I chose to have surgery because I did not want to die from complications of being obese. I need to be here for my kids and grand babies and I saw how my mom now suffers because she spent so much of her life obese and then had a stroke due to highblood pressure, I did not want that to be me! Now I haven't been sleeved for very long but so far some of the perks have been, having the energy and willingness to excercise regularly and seeing the affects of that( more defined arms, shrinking waist), shopping in misses instead of womens, having more energy, and getting so many compliment. I encourage you to go to a weight loss seminar in your area and/or talk to a surgeon to see what procedure is best for you. I wish you the best!  



on 5/1/16 1:48 pm

That's great I'm thinking about the gastric sleeve too. I have plans on talking to my doctor soon. Am so hopeful that she will say let's start but, chances are she wouldn't because I don't have any obesity related health issues... That is not what I want to hear but, I know it's a reality she might say

on 5/1/16 9:39 pm
VSG on 12/29/15 with

Well you never know you might be a good candidate. For my insurance, the qualifications were that your BMI had to be under the morbid obese category but if it was not then you had to have a health issue related to your obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. 



on 5/2/16 7:14 am
VSG on 04/14/16 with

Got my sleeve April 14, 2016  and have lost over 10 pounds in 2 weeks. Never thought I would lose that much in a month because of my hypothyroidism!  Im 28 and weighed 273 pounds when I started my pre-op diet, with no medical issues besides my thryroid. Was a few months away from surgery in 2014 but got pregnant.  I was dead determined to do this for myself and then my family. But without insurance I was self-pay and went to Mexico,  with a wonderful experience there. Guess what I'm trying to say is you know why you want this and that you really need it, find a way to make it happen. Wishing you the best

Height: 5'9" // VSG: 4/14/2016

HW: 297# (while pregnant) // SW: 273.1# // CW: 187.8# //

GW: 145#

Lost thus far: 85.3# // Until Goal: 42.8#

Percent Excess Weight Loss: 66.5%

on 8/2/16 6:49 am

Hi Jazzygirl,


I would love to communicate with you if possible. I am very interested in getting the gastic sleeve in Mexico too, as I also have to go the self-pay route. I lived in San Diego for over five years (but that was a decade ago), so I'm familiar with Tijuana. But I have so many questions about what to expect pre and post procedure, and I worry how long I would need to be "out" on leave since I am very new to my job and don't want to have any issues with them. Is it unrealistic to expect to be back at work in a week? (I teach at a college, so no heavy lifting, but I do have to engage with people quite a bit.)


Congrats on your surgery!



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