Best Products you've used in terms of protein and supplements?

on 5/27/16 7:05 pm
RNY on 03/20/17 with

There are so many protein drinks and supplement brands out there that I don't know where to start!  Is there a good place to try sample sizes?  What are the best prices for them?  Has anyone ever heard of and used PatchMd? Do those work?

on 6/4/16 3:38 am - Philadelphia, PA
RNY on 04/28/15

The vitamin shoppe is where I was able to get sample sizes of a variety of Protein powders. Syntrax nectar in chocolate truffle is the only one I keep on had now ( I'm 13 months out and use protein powders rarely now). 

i also got my vitamins there initially, but now I get my calcium and multi from BJ's or CVS. My iron I get in Amazon. 

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on 6/7/16 9:20 am
VSG on 07/12/16

The Vitamin Shoppe, Earth Fare and GNC are good for samples and some initial information.  I'm pre-surgery, but use powder regularly.  I use Body Fortress Super Advanced Whey Protein.  I found that after you find what you like, Amazon can be as much as 40% cheaper.  Coconu****er has been a good liquid for shakes/smoothies too. 

on 6/7/16 4:06 pm
RNY on 03/20/17 with

Thanks!  Everything is just so overwhelming in terms of things available.  I know that my taste buds will change after surgery but my dietitian wants me on protein right now. 

on 6/10/16 9:45 am
RNY on 02/17/14

I started with Isopure whey protein (no carbs) to get me through the first 6 months of surgery to meet my protein requirements and still use it in decaf when I don't want solid food for breakfast.  It has 25 grams per scoop and it mixes well with warm liquids.  

I also  keep Quest protein bars on hand in a pinch (I don't eat them daily) when I need to get my protein in and my food choices are limited.  

Protein products are plentiful, you will have to find one whose taste you like.  It will require that you try several before finding one you can tolerate.  


on 6/10/16 7:38 pm
Revision on 03/29/17

I use Premier Protein ready to drink purchased from Costco by the case. I use the vanilla as cream for my daily coffee. I continue to drink one daily for this purpose.

As for vitamins, I purchase Celebrate chewable multivitamins. Can be expensive but I do like them. I also take a chewable calcium.

on 6/10/16 10:31 pm
VSG on 12/29/15 with

Premier protein is my favorite. They sell premixed bottles at Costco and Sams and hopefull you can find it at your local grocery store. I have not used the Patch MD but a lot of people on this site seem to love using it. 



on 6/18/16 10:06 am

i love premier protein chocolate is the best and sometimes i warm mine up in the microwave. Im 4 years out beginning july 12th.

hershey dream
on 7/14/16 1:54 pm - Duluth, GA

I'm 10 years postop and I still keep Syntrax Nectar protein on hand.  It's available at Vitamin Shoppe.  I'm not so specific on brands of supplements, I usually just stock up when my local drug store has a BOGO sale.  

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on 12/29/16 11:28 pm



I am new to the site but I see you are also in Georgia. Have you been able to keep your weight off .. Also, did you go to a dr. In GA?

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