Revision RNY to RNY 08/15/16 making pouch 1.5 oz. Can I still lose weight?

Charmaine C.
on 6/8/16 2:39 pm - Columbus, OH

Hello everyone

I?m having a Revision from RNY to RNY 08/15/16 making pouch 1.5 oz. due to enlarged stoma. My surgeon told me that I may not lose as much weight as the 1st time. Because must people who had revision lose little to no weight, but the issues are fixed.

I don?t understand how I would not loss any weight with a new small pouch and stoma fixed. Definitely, if I'm determined to eat healthy and exercise. Can someone offer their opinion or been through this?????????


(deactivated member)
on 6/9/16 9:06 pm - CA

I had a revised RNY due to stoma being made too large by original surgeon.  I had lost 80lbs by the time I had my revision and I went on to lose 90 more 

you will lose weight if you stick to your post op eating plan and measure your food intake. 

Good luck!