Finally reached out for consultation.

on 8/26/16 6:11 pm - Chicago, IL
VSG on 05/09/17


I'm Tamika 29 of age, 465 lbs and live in Chicago. I've tried numerous methods to lose weight. I have my first doctor appointment on 9/9/16. I'm scared, but more then that I dream of becoming better. My entire life I've been overweight and I'm ready to start my 30's smaller. My family says they will be supportive, but half don't know why I want to get the surgery. They don't understand the struggles, the high blood pressure, the sleep apnea. Now my sex drive is completely gone. Figured I'd reach out to understanding folks.



on 9/1/16 10:10 pm

Hi Tamika.  I know its hard when the ones around you dont understand about wanting surgery.  I know how you feel.  My parents knew I had surgery and were there when I had it.  My dad showed a little more interest afterwards by asking me how much I had lost and what my doctors said but never said that I look good or was proud or anything.  Unfortunately, he passed away in April.  He saw me before he passed but couldn't talk so I don't know what he thought about my weight loss.  I know he always wanted me to lose so I have to assume that he is glad.  My mother just doesn't show interest at all.  She just found out how much I have lost last month.  She had never asked before and doesn't give compliments or anything unless there are other people around.  My greatest support has come from my friends, especially those in my support group.  Look around for a WLS support group at the hospitals in your area.  As well as reaching out on here.  Alot of my friends don't know that I have surgery..I chose not to tell a lot of people because I didn't want negative unsolicited advice in my head.  They see the weight loss and I tell them that I have changed my lifestyle - which I truly have.  Make better choices in what I eat, eat 5 small healthy meals a day and exercise.  

You can explain to your family - surgery is only a tool to lose the weight.  The real success is completely up to you because it is going to take a lot of hard work by you.  Especially with the amount you need or want to lose.  I know..I weighed 427 lbs when I started my journey.  Surgery gives you a "jump start" to lose the weight and helps you with the discipline by controlling how much food you can take in, they type of food you can take in and forcing you to make the necessary changes needed to lose the weight.

Don't get discouraged.  You've got alot of support on here too.

on 9/4/16 4:02 pm - Chicago, IL
VSG on 05/09/17

Hi MzTodd,


Thank you so much for reaching out. My immediate family has been okay with the thought. "Big Genes" run in our family, so it's not out of the realm of how I look. I just wanted the change. Being overweight has left me feeling like something is missing in my life. My career is stagnant, because i don't have the confidence anymore. 


Some family members, think of it as well just stop eating. When in actuality I don't eat alot. My problem is the lack of exercise and eating junk food. Regular food is not an issue for me. I can eat salads, and grilled turkey burgers every day. Won't get tired. It's the damn potato chip and chocolate. I know moderation is key, but it seems to slip by the way side when I need it.


I have my first appointment in 5 days. I'm making sure to ask around for a support group. My best friends are super supportive so that gives me hope.


I'm sorry you went through that. I'm glad you were able to overcome even though the lack of support was there. 

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