on 12/21/16 9:19 am
VSG on 12/07/16

My surgery date was 12/7/16 and I had the misconception that I would wake up like Beyoncé or at least 30 pounds lighter. Yet reality has set in in and I have only lost 7 pounds, yet I am no longer on my medication for diabetes. I find myself grateful to have had this opportunity to improve my health and self esteem. Can anyone tell me when they started seeing results after surgery?

on 12/24/16 2:36 pm - Philadelphia, PA
RNY on 04/28/15

I was disappointed weight wasn't "melting off" as the doc had said it would. I took pictures monthly since surgery- I noticed a difference by the 3rd month out. It takes time- stick with it. 

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on 1/9/17 7:00 pm - Somewhere in time, SC

I didn't really see results until I was 8 weeks out.  You will have lots of water retention and build up from your surgery still in your body. I looked bloated and people kept asking when I was going to look like I was losing.  I think your weight loss and freedom from diabetes meds is great!

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