Are there any old timers still in the forum?

on 1/9/17 7:10 pm - Somewhere in time, SC

I miss the support and fun we used to have in the early 2000's.  My surgerversary was 12/23/04.  Any old school folks still online?

Keep on climbing, Till I reach the higher ground

Heather S.
on 1/24/17 11:43 am

I am still here from back in the day.  I view the message boards infrequently as I have found certain aspects of the site to have changed and are not quite as user friendly.

Thank You,

on 5/24/17 11:44 pm - Somewhere in time, SC

Me either. It used to be fun. Please email me at [email protected], if you know of another site.

Keep on climbing, Till I reach the higher ground


on 1/28/17 7:42 pm - Youngstown, OH

Hi, I'm only now just making some headway and have finally been able to sit down w/ a bariatric surgeon here in Youngstown, OH, and I've been w/ since 2002!  I usually post on the General Discussion board.


Also many people, w/ video cams/ webcams, are doing Vlogs of their weight loss journey on YouTube and/ or posting on Bypass and VSG groups on FB and other social networks.


But will always be the place I first interacted w/ & saw b4 & after pics of people that looked like me all aspiring for the same thing(s); sorta similar goals.  To be slimmer, healthier, more ambulatory and active and to LIVE-- not just exist.




on 3/15/17 9:11 am

I'm here had surgery in 2004 gained a lot of weight, need tips to get back on track.

ThirdTry R.
on 3/31/17 5:26 am - Rowlett, TX

This is my 3rd go at it. I HAVE to be successful this time. No choice. Please help me. Let's develop a support system.

on 3/15/17 5:33 pm - Raleigh, NC
RNY on 11/22/06 with

I had the surgery in 11/22/2006. Lost @125, gained @25 back. Still trying to loss the 25. This is my first time on the site in a couple of years. Glad to see old timers, we are hard to find.

on 4/9/17 12:42 am

I was banded in 2003, back then I was pretty active but now I'm back since I may be getting rebanded (hopefully).

on 4/10/17 6:54 pm - GA
RNY on 04/22/09 with

What up y'all!!

                                                     ATL STAND UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                      SEIZE THE MOMENT!!  LIGHTS , CAMERA , ACTION
                                                     125 TOTAL LOST

Frankie Lee
on 7/31/17 5:55 pm - WI
RNY on 08/03/04 with

what's cracking man?!

Seek Heaven
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