Sleeve Revision to DS on 6/23/17!

on 6/21/17 9:02 am - NC
Revision on 06/23/17

Good Morning!

I am looking forward to my surgery Friday but of course nervous. Although this will be my second time around experiencing bariatric surgery, I wanted to see if anyone else has been revised from to sleeve to DS? I was initially sleeved 1/2011. I did great! After having my third child I've held on to a noticeably 30lb regain, and in short decided to look into revision options.

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on 7/23/17 1:15 am, edited 7/22/17 6:16 pm

EDIT - Realised you already had the surgery.

on 9/7/17 7:42 pm - Avondale, AZ

How did your surgery go?

on 9/8/17 3:11 am - NC
Revision on 06/23/17

My surgery went great thank you! I has the DS 6/23 and I am down 40lbs!

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