Colon Cancer and the Lap Band

on 8/4/12 11:58 pm
Good morning everyone!

Of course I will be checking with my band Surgeon but on Friday was diagnosed with Colon Cancer (invasive adenocarcinoma moderately differentiated in the rectosigmoid region) after a routine colonoscopy I gave myself for my 50th kinda wishing I'd had done it years earlier.

Has anyone had the band and colon cancer? I have been referred to a Colon Surgeon so things are just getting started but I am sure will move real fast at this point.

I was wondering if it would be advisable or if someone had to get the fluid taken out in case of nausea or side effects and was wondering if the port caused any issues being attached to the abdominal wall.

I Had the band 4 years ago June, I had lost 90 pounds and gained back 20 so still borderline obese (wondering with effect that would have on surgery)......... I do blame being Obese all my life on the cancer and do suggest that if you have a family history and have been Obese for most of your life that you get one telling how far it spread, but the Gastro after the Colonoscopy said that he had never seen one so big in someone my age.........

Thanks for hearing me out, still trying to fathom this............of course going to fight it with all I can!


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on 8/19/12 9:56 pm - Milwaukee suburb, WI
 I just wanted to wish you well.  I know another woman who had colon cancer & is in remission now (& doing very well!), but she did not have a WLS.

You probably have a lot more answers now, but my general advice as a cancer survivor & WLS person (I worried about my own effects of malabsorption on adequate nutrition & nausea), just take one day at a time b/c otherwise you will drive yourself crazy.

If you havn't heard of it, Gilda's Club is a national organization that I found very helpful - doesn't matter what type of cancer you have.  They have support groups, activities, & workshops.  

In addition, there's a program called, "Look Good, Feel Better" that your hospital's social worker has likely told you about, but do look into it if you haven't.  It's a great class with lots of free make up!!  Made me feel good :)

Best of luck,

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on 9/22/12 11:18 am

Thank you so much for the response and words of encoragement....I have looked into Gilda's club, there isn't one in my area but we do have one in South Florida who knows maybe I will look into starting one here LOL.....

Thanks again!!!!!
on 9/21/12 10:49 pm - Albuquerque, NM
DS on 06/14/06 with
 I too just wanted to wish you the best. I had my D/S i June 2006 as was diagnosed with colo-rectal cancer in August 2008. The nausea was horrible. I also lost all sense of taste. I went from a pre op weight of 376 lbs. to a post D/S weight of 176 lbs. While being treated I dropped down to 147 lbs.
I responded well to chemo and radiation and have been cancer free since Feb 2009. I am still dealing with the after effects of the chemo and radiation. In fact I had a surgery last Friday to repair the anal fistula that was a by product of the chemo.
I hope ALL is going well for you, 
Fight the good fight !!!!

on 9/22/12 11:34 am
Thank you for the reply,and congratulations on being cancer free!!!!! I really appreciate it! It is comforting to know that I am not the only one with colon cancer who had weight loss surgery. Mine is in the rectosigmoid area, I have surgery on Monday and treatment should follow after depending on what he finds during the surgery.

I went yesterday to my band surgeon to have the fluid taken out because they said I will have to have the Nasogastric tube can't do without it. I also talked to him about a revision, I have gained about 25 pounds from my lowest he said that I will have to wait a year after the completion of chemo before he revises me. He did say that I can have my band refilled, I lost 90 with the band haven't had any major complications so will do that until I can revise.

You have inspired me and given me hope, and wow way to rock your DS!!!!


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on 7/17/13 7:44 pm - India

 I too just wanted to wish you the best. I had my D/S i June 2006 as was diagnosed with colo-rectal cancer in August 2008.

on 7/3/15 3:35 am

Colon cancer is when some cells in the colon malfunction and a distortion or mutation occurs in the replication of cells. That mutation then duplicates and on it goes except these cells are abnormal and start developing a source of nutrition by forming blood sources nearby and taking over the organism. This group of cells will then form a blob or tumor, the tumor will probably ulcerate and that bleeding will cause anemia. The cancer can develop anywhere in the colon and can form from a small growth called a polyp.