August 9, 2016 - My Cancer Free Day!

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RNY on 12/04/15


My RNY was on 12/4/15 then on 2/29 I received a confirmed diagnosis of breast cancer.  I started 6 rounds of chemo on 3/17/16, completing chemo on 7/7/16.  On 8/9/16 I had a double mastectomy (removal of the cancer affected right breast, right underarm lymph nodes, and prophylactic removal of the left breast).  This was my Cancer Free Day!  

Every 8/9 will be celebrated by my family, friends, and me as my Cancer Free Day anniversary.  The cancer is gone but I still have a very long road ahead of me.  I am now on 1 year of Herceptin infusions every 3 weeks, and radiation will begin in about 4 weeks (33 treatments, 5 days a weeks for 6 1/2 weeks).  

Six months after radiation is completed I start on breast reconstruction (aka Delayed DIEP).  This will entail 4 surgeries.  When all is said and done it will be a process of more than 2 years from diagnosis to completion.  I am lucky to be alive, only felt sorry for myself the first 3 weeks after diagnosis.  I was told by both my oncology surgeon and my oncologist that I owe my success with cancer treatment to WLS.  I became more HBP, high cholesterol, or diabetes, and my weight was a safer level.

I have continued to safely lose weight throughout my ordeal. My bariatric surgeon and my oncologist having closely monitored my diet and weight loss so I could continue losing weight at a safe rate.  Getting the necessary daily minimum of 60 grams of protein and 64 ozs of fluid has been a struggle throughout all this.  Many days I just couldn't do it, but I persevered the best I could.

When you are upset over a few months of thinning hair, think of those that have completely lost their hair due to chemo. Myself, I have been completely bald for the last 5 months. Hair grows back.  When you want to cheat while on your plan, think of those of us that would give anything just to be able to eat and drink anything, even the food on our plan.  BTW, I have never once cheated or gone off plan since I began my journey on 8/5/15.

66 yrs old, 4'11", BMI 27.2 (51.8 at start), HW 256.4 (8/4/15), SW 217.4, CW 135.8 (9/19/16), GW 100.0, RNY 12/4/15 Dr. RoseMarie Jones

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so many views and not one person took the time to reply.  sorry i never thought to look here as i've wondered how you are doing but didn't know what to write.  my sis went through a similar cancer situation and i found it just as hard to face or ask or even know what to say.  

just know this . . . .you are truly an inspiration.  this battle sucks but you are shining through all of it.  love that you've named 8/9 your cancer free day.  sending good, healing, heaven covered thoughts your way.  YAY YOU !!!!!!

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Congratulations on your weight loss success and your continued good health! My best friend is a beast cancer survivor and is a little over 10 years cancer free.  She waited a really long time to have her breast reconstruction and wishes she had done it years earlier. I've meet many breast cancer survivors  by going to her support group meetings with her.  What an amazing group of people,  and I include you right in there too!  So much to go through and still be able to come back swinging! My best thoughts and prayers are going your way.... please keep us posted. 

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Revised to RNY Feb. 2016.

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Thank God you are now cancer free. Your journey has been unbelievably difficult. I hope you continue to enjoy good health as you undergo radiation and reconstruction. 

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Having a very recent diagnosis of DCIS, I came to the forum to see if anyone has or has had the same.  I'm glad that I stopped to read your topics so that I can congratulate you on your Cancer Free Day and, hopefully, learn from your attitude. 

Your comment that makes an enormous, positive impression is "...only felt sorry for myself the first 3 weeks after diagnosis."  Thank you for the reminder that there are more important things than self-pity to occupy one's mind when learning what a diagnosis means and what's to come.  I keep reminding myself when my hand is reaching for extra chunks of cheese and crackers or other over-the-top, non-weight losing food that what goes into my mouth is one of the few things that I can master now.  That you've done it with apparent, comparative ease is as admirable as the rest of what you've related.

Hail to you.