Gastric Fistula

on 10/26/09 11:44 am
 Hello, I had RNY surgery in 2003 and successfully kept my weight off until I recently started gaining weight for some strange reason. I went in for an endoscopy and found out that I have a gastric fistula so I'll have to have surgery to repair it. Does anyone have any stories to share? Any similar experiences?

Thanks so much!

Anne W.
on 12/1/09 10:34 am - Milwaukee, WI

I've been battling an ulcer for over a year now & in conjunction its been determined I also have a fistula. The plan is to reconstruct my pouch & intestine where the ulcer is & to remove the other stomach altogether.  Insurance approval is pending.

How are things going for you?  Any plan yet?
on 12/30/09 10:50 am

I had RNY on August 30, 2005, and had complications from the start, including a gastrogastric fistula.  After seven endoscopies in one year, four years of constant pain, every ulcer medication known to man, I still have TWO fistulae and ulcers.  I am having revision surgery on January 18, and I am hoping and praying for an end to this. 

Many small fistulae resolve on their own, or with medication.  The problem, as you noted, is when it does not, you don't have a functioning pouch anymore, because everything you eat empties into the old stomach and you don't feel full until you've eaten a full meal.  I feel hungry all the time, too, but didn't for about 16 months after the original surgery.

You have my sympathy - I finally have insurance to cover the revision and a surgery date.  Good luck.

Starting weight/doctor's goal weight/current weight

on 12/31/09 9:26 pm
 Good luck with your surgery, my surgery is in a couple of weeks! Here's hoping that we both have good results and can get the use of our tool back!

Good luck!!

Lap RNY January 2003 -lost 130 pounds
regained about 60 pounds due to gastro-gastric fistula
Fistula repair and revision January 2010 -down 21 pounds so far!

on 2/23/10 3:35 am - New Baltimore, MI
Good Luck Elizabeth!
on 2/23/10 3:34 am - New Baltimore, MI
My daughter is going through the same thing now. She had the fistula repaired in December and has since ended up having several more procedures including two stent procedures
due to unforeseen leaks and a scar tissue blockage. It has been a nightmare for her and she is four years post op with no previous trouble until she started feeling hungry all the time like you said.
I hope everything goes well for you, I hear this kind of trouble she is having is rare.