Staple Line Disruption

Lori J.
on 12/17/04 10:05 pm - Mexia, Tx
Can someone tell me the symptoms of a staple line disruption. I had a RNY almost 4 years ago and have recently gained about 8 lbs. back. Also my stomach is very hyperactive after I eat anything.
Jammie F.
on 1/15/05 12:50 am - Harrisonville, MO
Hello I am four years out also. I have only put on 5 lbs since surgery but my surgeon said it was common to gain 10% back. I can tell you that I do not have the fullness feeling I once had and I have to discipline myself not to eat too much. I still only eat 1/2 sandwich, or 1/2 biscuit from Mcdonald's or 1/2 burger but its not because I dont want it. How do you eat? Dr. says this is very common! I feel my stomach rumble and roll after eating!
Lori J.
on 1/19/05 9:48 am - Mexia, Tx
I eat just about anything. I too have to discipline myself not to overeat. I don't have that fullness feeling either. I liked it more when a I would get nauseated occasionally. I felt like then the surgery was still working