Type 2 diabetes and dumping syndrome

on 7/27/08 1:21 pm - Dearborn Heights, MI
also known as rapid gastric emptyping.  I used to think this was only a postsurgical (RNY) phenomenon, but I have actually had a few of these episodes myself (diagnosed as type 2 in 11/07).  I did some research and found that this is usually related to gastric bypass or other gastric surgeries, but can als be a side effect of having type 2.  I am wondering if anyone else experienced dumping syndrome as a result of type 2 prior to surgery?  If so, did it get worse for you postop? 

Currently, there is no particular thing that will set me off.  It always happens at night, usually 1-3 hours after my last meal or snack.  The symptoms are the same as they are for post RNY patients, and I had my worst bout ever the other night...(literally thought I was going to die or having a heart attack (though no chest pain).  It is associated with a sudden drop in blood glucose level, and each and every time it happens to me, my blood sugar will be in the 60s to low 70s.  My diabetes is well controlled, my HgbA1c last week was 5.5 and my sugars run between 80 and 140 on 1500 mg of metformin daily. 

Anyway, I was just curious if anyone else had experienced it preop and how they have been postop.  The episode I had the other night was so awful, I really would hate to think I will dump every time I turn around postop. 

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on 7/27/08 11:58 pm - Woodbridge, VA
I've never had anything I would think of as dumping syndrome, but I have had, umm, "loose stools" thanks to the Metformin--this is a common side effect.

Have you talked to you doctor about this?

Have you researched the possiblity of having the DS instead of RNY procedure? THe DS keeps the pylorus in tact, so there is no dumping like with the RNY.
on 7/28/08 1:16 am - Dearborn Heights, MI
My insurance does not cover DS.

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on 7/28/08 2:21 am - Woodbridge, VA
If you have any interest in the DS, I suggest you go to th DS board in here and post your insurance provider--there are a LOT of people who have been able to get their DS approved by companies who said "no" initially. IF your company covers any WLS, you should be able to get the DS covered.

Then again, if you're not really interested, feel free to ignore me
on 7/28/08 11:08 pm - PA
Hi.  I am pre-op and type 2 diabetic - diagnosed 1.5 years ago.  I had gestational diabetes with both my pregnacies.  Previously I have been diagnosed with low blood sugar.

I have "dumped" throughout my life.  My mother thought I would never have a weight problem because if something didn't agree with my system pushed it right out. 

I also had pyloric stenosis when I was and infant and had surgery to repair it.  I think that my pyloric valve doesn't function properly and that may be why I dump but it be because of something else.



on 8/9/08 3:27 pm

Hello........I haven't had surgery yet but I tell you I have the "dumping" from taking Metformin. Just diagnosed with Diabetes Type 2 and about 10 minutes after I eat a meal, I dump.....
So in hoping to have surgery, I too worry about the same thing.......................

on 8/10/08 8:36 am
I am type 2 diabetes and have had "chronic diarrhea" since I had my gallbladder out.  I was taking anti dairrhea medicine like candy until a doctor gave me Questran Powder.  Without the powder I  need to be near a bathroom within an half hour of eating.  I don't take it everyday as I feel that maybe I'm getting things out of my system and try to keep my weight lower.  It hasn't worked, but I think I could be heavier if I took it as prescribed.  It also makes me constipated if I take it all the time.
on 8/11/08 5:17 am - UK
I didn't dump as a pre-op but I have to say it was one thing that put me off having RNY - I know its supposed to be a 'plus' for most people since it warns you off sugar/fat. As a diabetic though I know what having high and low blood sugar feels like, and I didn't want to feel any more rough than I already did!

Four months out from DS my HbA1C is 4.2, down from 8 pre-op, and I'm off all the medication. Oddly, sugary things now taste too sweet to enjoy, and starch gives me gas (long may it continue) so the op has supported me in losing weight in ways other than dumping - I didn't expect this, but many DSers report the same thing.

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robin M.
on 8/15/08 4:25 pm - Dublin, GA
I am pre-op and Type 2.  I also have dumping in the middle of the night at times.  Seems to go in spurts where I will dump several times in a short period of time and then nothing for a long period.  My blood sugar will drop very low...has been down to high 30s before but normally in the 60s when this happens.  When I hit the high 30s, it took 4 hrs for me to get up to 90. 

I keep glucose tabs at my bedside to help.  I also have glucose gel that I keep close by because it is faster acting.  I also have found nothing in particular that will set me off.  When I have these episodes, I get hot, sweaty, very weak (sometimes I can't walk, barely move my limbs).  I've been afraid of dying when it happens.  Actually surprised that I didn't go into a coma when I got to the high 30s.

I am single and my son and family live with me.  I would be afraid if they didn't because of these episodes.  Their bedrooms are upstairs and mine is downstairs.  I keep my cell phone bedside, as do they, just in case I need them.  I am very afraid of dumping post-surgery.  I am going to attempt to be very vigilant in my testing and adjusting my meds. 

My diabetes is uncontrolled and the reason I decided on the RNY was to hopefully BAM the diabetes once and for all.   I really am nervous though about dumping...and it being even worse than now.

If anyone has suggestions on how to avoid, I would love to hear them.
on 9/2/08 1:33 am - Strongsville, OH
Hi Colleenj2. 
I have been type 2 with insulin dependencies since the age of 20.  My sugars would go up and I would take a shot of insulin. I had my RNY in 2003.  I did fantastic for the first 10 months then all hec broke loose.  I had dropped weight fast then my glucose levels would go into the 300-500's then in about a half hour or so, I would drop into the 20-30's.  Needless to say, I am having to eat when I am not hungry and have gained back some of my weight. I can not seem to get this under control.  I am not eating a lot but having to eat frequently to control my sugar.  I am not on any meds currently for DM and no one seems to be able to figure this out. 

Gaining weight back is my worse nightmare come true and I am having a hard time dealing with it. I have also been having autonomic issues since about a year out of surgery.  What is really weird is that I can eat a plain old salad with chicken breast and oil and vin and about 30 minutes later I am almost comatose.  my glucose levels are through the roof and then in 30 minutes or so I am almost passing out from them being too low. The strange thing is, if I eat a piece of a snickers bar my sugar stays normal.

I am really tired of having to eat when I am not hungry and I am really upset with the 90 pound in 7 months weight gain. It won't come off no matter how hard I try. It seems the more I try the worse it is. I am ashamed and embarrassed to go back to the doctor. I have been to several dieticians and have done what they said and still gaining weight.

I hope your issues are doing better.  I really feel for you.

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