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Who left hospital with NO diabetes post RNY

on 4/24/09 7:40 pm - Antioch, TN
RNY on 09/14/09 with
My main reason for wanting to have RNY is the possiblity of being rid of diabetes. If you had RNY and left the hospital with no diabetes and remained diabetes free, please tell me your story.

I am posting this on the RNY Forum also.
Debbie McCall
on 4/25/09 9:49 pm - Hudson Falls, NY
Hi I had RNY on 3/9/09.  I left hospital with no diabets and no meds.  My blood sugars were good for 2 wks. post op.   After that it was up in the AM.  Just went to my primary care yesterday and I have to start Metformin.  Only one pill at night 500 mg.  He said that I may not have aproblem when I get under the weight I was at when I was diagnosed 10 yrs ago. Or I might just stay diabetic.  I'm hoping that this is just temporary.
on 4/26/09 4:55 pm
Your odds of complete remission are even greater with the DS---more than 98% of Type II diabetics who have the DS are cured, many within days or even hours after surgery.
on 4/30/09 7:39 pm - Canada
 I need to convince my doctor that this would be a good idea.  I hate that I caused my Diabetes 2 because I am overweight.  I weight 213 and I am only 5'3".  I am not sure that I will be accepted as a possible candidate as well.  I am thinking that this is my only possible answer to my fight with fat and now my fight with the dreaded diabetes.  I either die early with this disease, or die trying to get some help!

Do you know of anything that I could bring my Doctor to support your quote....98% is good odds!
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on 5/11/09 12:13 pm - Woodbridge, VA
Please see the studies and articles in my profile, all relating to WLS for type 2 diabetes.

I've also tried to keep a running thread here on the diabetes board; here is a link: e-Type-2-and-considering-WLS/
on 10/3/09 1:03 pm - Wiarton, Canada
i had DS surgery  i am 7 weeks post op,  i am off my insulin which was 60 units a day

i also am off any diabetes medication.  I slowly weaned myself off insulin..  Blood sugars

are fine.    
on 9/26/09 9:16 pm
Hi...I was born in Florence...but a MS gal now!  Do you know if you have mild gastroparesis if you can have the DS.  I was considering only the RNY but since I am Type II diabetic on on multiple shots & many meds thought that would be best way to go...but now may be considering the DS to help out diabetes resolution better.  Any thoughts?  Thx!  mj
on 4/27/09 11:10 am - Orlando, FL
I hate to rain on everyone's parade but once you are dx'd with DM you are a diabetic the rest of your life.  You hopefully are listed as Diet controlled.

You HAVE to watch your weight and your type of intake of food the REST of your life.  And that is it.

If you are lucky and go off all meds remember to take a BS occais to see how your are doing.  Dont go by "feel".

I was on a pump at the time of my surgery in 2005.  My insulin requirement went from 150 units a day to 20 units a day.  I use a little more now and am still on the pump.  That was my choice as I feel good on the pump and can deal with staying on insulin.  But the requirements decreasing and the improvement in circulation, feeling in feet and hands, and improvement in diabetic eye problems have improved so much.  Plus my heart improved so much I was allowed to go back to work and off disability.  Praise God for helping me find such a great surgeon and my heart MD suggesting the surgery and supporting me in EVERY way possible.

Made a huge difference in my life. 

Carry on with your life and remember to be better to yourself then you were BEFORE the surgery.  Remember the surgery is to help you regain your life.

(deactivated member)
on 4/27/09 11:37 am - Woodbridge, VA
Please see the articles and studies in my profile. Complete resolution of type 2 diabetes IS possible with surgery - they are even conducting studies as we speak on surgery as a treatment for type 2 diabetes in patients who are not even overweight (with promising results).

And it's not just diet controlled. I invite you to the DS board to ask of those who have been cured by their surgery - they are out there. "Cured" as in they can eat freely, including sugar, and not have an abnormally high blood glucose spike. "Cured" as in off all meds, including insulin, and maintaining an A1C in the low 5s (some even in the 4s) at 10+ years out from their surgery.

I agree that still checking your glucose levels occasionally even after off meds is something you should continue to do as a means of monitoring, but as for your statement about having to watch your weight and food intake for the rest of your life, I respectfully disagree (even if to also point out that not all type 2 diabetics have ever even been overweight - excess weight is not a requirement for diabetes, and there are numerous studies that show that surgery can resolve the diabetes even without much weight loss).
on 4/27/09 12:22 pm - Antioch, TN
RNY on 09/14/09 with
I understand that there is appx 87% remission w/ RNY & 98% w/DS so I do understand that all won't receive the same results.

Jilly Bean, what was your personal experience with it?
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on 4/29/09 7:26 am - Woodbridge, VA
I will say I am definitely not cured yet. However, I also didn't get a "real" DS. Due to adhesions from a prior surgery (says the surgeon - there are other theories I won't go into here), he was unable to give me the usual 100cm common channel, so I have a VERY long common channel for a DSer. He still gave me the sleeve instead of a RNY pouch, but my common channel is likely closer to 350cm than 100cm. Since there is a "hindgut" theory as to why the DS may work so well for type 2, and my surgeon certainly didn't touch my hindgut at all, this may have something to do with my diabetes being slow to resolve.

That said, though not fully resolved, my diabetes has definitely improved. The morning of surgery, my fasting glucose was 183. There were even mornings where my fasting was over 200. Now, I am usually in the 100-120 range with a few funky days here and there hitting around 130-160.

My numbers throughout the day are almost always below 140, usually below 120. Of course, I'm getting hit with a cold right now, so everything's thrown off, but my A1C prior to surgery was 8.1 and was down to 7.2 last week. And I am now taking 500mg metformin twice per day, whereas I was taking much more prior to surgery.
on 10/4/09 5:39 pm - Dallas, TX
Revision on 09/21/09 with
I have to disagree as well.  I know several people personally who have been able to get rid of diabetes (i.e. no meds, eat sugar, etc.) after weight loss surgery.  It depends on what type of diabetes you are diagnosed with.  Most people who have adult onset diabetes are able to get rid of it through WLS.  So, there is hope for those with this disease.
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on 4/27/09 12:10 pm - Ashland, MA
I thought just like you.  I just wanted my BSL to be normal.  It has not happened for me YET!

I went into the hospital taking oral medication for diabetes and came out taking insulin.  I am one month out and still have to take insulin as my BSL is still high.  I have lost weight and hope that as I continue to loose weight they will keep going down and I will eventually be in remission.

Sorry for the bad news but it doesn't happen to everyone. 
on 4/27/09 12:30 pm - Antioch, TN
RNY on 09/14/09 with
Thanks everyone for your input. I do want you to know that I have other reasons for wanting to have WLS:
1. Comorbidities that will definitely improve as I have already seen an improvement in these with my preop weight loss. (Diabetes, Arthritis, Hypertension.

2. Reducing my risk of complications from the above comorbidities and others for which I am a candidate for as long as I am carrying the excess weight.

3. Feeling Better - not being winded from short brisk walks, not breaking out in a sweat everytime I go to Walmart from the walking and excess weight

4. Looking better
on 9/26/09 9:55 pm
Do you take NSAIDs for your arthritis? If so, that's yet another reason to choose the DS over the RNY.
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on 9/29/09 5:53 am - Woodbridge, VA
psst...she already had her RNY (from a surgeon who also does the DS!).
on 4/28/09 9:33 pm - Xenia, OH
RNY on 03/24/09 with
My understanding is that remmission of diabetes is a function of residual pancreatic function which is generally measured by the amount of C-Peptides produced by the pancreas.  The scale for type II diabetics is .5 to 14.  Below .5 is usually considered insulin dependent and is the criteria used by some to justify an insulin pump.  One surgeon I talked to said that they generally expect remmission if the c-peptide is above 3.5 and it is quite iffy if below that mark.  Unfortunately mine was only .7 so I knew that I was only trying to significantly improve my control.  The surgeon did say that he has seen function rebound insome patients but that was not the norm.  I will say that I am five weeks post op and only had one reading in the 160's in that time and that is without the 490 units of lantus i was taking pre-surgery.

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on 5/10/09 5:21 am - Lawton Ft Sill, OK
I had open RNY on 5-5 and have not been on my meds for diabetes since. My BS lastnight was 79 and 58 this am. I am hoping to not have to go back on any meds for it or the HBP. I guess time will really tell if it is in remission. 

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on 5/11/09 9:01 pm - Sherman, TX
i have been a diabetic for 15 years and on insulin the last 12. I had been taking insulin that is 5 times stronger than regular-U500 insulin and I was taking 80units a day that is equal to 400units of reg insulin. I left the hospital without any diabetes meds. Then after a month BS in the AM increased and doc told me to go on regular insulin. 5 units AM and PM. Then doc took me off of insulin completely after 3 months and put me on 2 oral diabetic meds. But Metformin gave me terrieble diarrhea, so I got off of that and now and just taking one oral medicene and my sugars are staying under 160 most of the time. I really have to watch the carbs! But I am now 72lbs off and feel like a new person! I kid you not! I am off of BP meds, cholestrol meds, asthma meds. I was on 12 meds and now take 4. But the wonderful thing is how energetic I feel! The diabetes made me so tired and I have pinched nerves in my back and neck from bone spurs and could not walk -had to ride a cart or wheel chair most of the time. Now I have very little pain and I feel like I have rolled 15 years off- I would do it again in a heartbeat. IT is still a lot of work, you are still hungry and you can mess it up if you don't follow drs orders but you have this wonderful tool that is there to help you and keep you strong. I LOVE MY RNY!
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on 5/12/09 6:35 am - Antioch, TN
RNY on 09/14/09 with