Type 1 diabetics that have had gastric sleeve

on 4/27/10 2:42 am

I am in the process of getting the gastric sleeve done in July. Is there anyone that has had this procedure done that has type 1 diabetes? I am on a insulin pump. My doctor has never done a type 1 diabetic and I am a little scared. Also what has your experiences been good and bad. 

on 4/27/10 11:15 am - Middle of, TN
I'm a type 1 and on a pump, but I had the DS, so the sleeve plus the intestinal switch.

If you're interested, I'm happy to share my experience with the DS and type 1. The short version: my last A1c was 5.8, and I have been incredibly slack about testing. The year pre-surgery, my best A1c was 7.3.

Immediately post-op, I was taking one-fifth of the insulin I had been prior to surgery. I really don't know whether the same thing would happen after a sleeve. I actually think you might do well to ask the Type 2's on the VSG board what their experience was with the diabetes meds and/or insulin immediately post-op. Did they go off meds right away, or did it happen more gradually as they lost weight? The answers will give you a clue about whether you need to really crank your pump down post-op, or have a much lower rate of IV insulin drip than your previous basal rate.

Good luck. Let me know if I can help further.

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on 5/2/10 8:33 pm - Sharonville, OH
I'm Type 2, and I have the sleeve. At first my blood sugars were running high after surgery, but about a month out, they're normal without meds. I'm not sure if it's from the weight loss, my low-carb diet, or both. But I'm quite happy with the results.
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on 6/26/10 3:46 am
Wow you are doing so good on you A1c, congrats.
on 6/10/10 12:24 am - Lebanon, OH
VBG on 05/19/10 with
I'm three weeks out from having the sleeve done. 

I am off the pump and taking one injection of Lantus a day.

I love being free from my pump.

I do have Novalog on hand if I need it.

My endocrinologist sent very specific instructions to the hospital for my post surgery care, they of course followed their own protocols.

So my only advice is to have your endocrinologist talk to your surgeon.

Good luck!
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on 2/6/15 8:16 am

Please join our new Facebook group!   We need a place where we can support each other!  : )


I look forward to meeting you.  I am a type 1 diabetic who had the gastric sleeve surgery.  In the FB group we can talk about everything regarding Diabetes as well as the Sleeve.   : )


on 8/7/10 7:04 am - Alexandria, IN
You just answered my question and gave me hope. Thank you. I found out in Nov 2009 that I was type 2 and started taking insulin shots. My a1c was 10.9. I'm having surgery aug.11th and my latest a1c was 6.2. Haven't found anyone who'd had the sleeve done to ask about post op and getting off shots. My surgeon says we always hope for that but no guarnetees.

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