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on 7/27/11 8:53 am - Canada
hi all, i am a diabetic and i havent ate in three days now being on optifast.....my doc told me stop the diabetic pills when i start the optifast......my sugar levels are going up yesterday was 12 and today is 14 and i cant figure this out.....i havent ate anything in three straight days and still climbing.....is anyone else having this problem or had this problem on optifast......i figure after not eating my sugars would go down fast but it it totally the opposite...so i put myself back on the pills to bring it down.....any suggestions would be great......
on 7/28/11 5:42 am - livermore, CA
DS on 02/29/12
i am not on opti fast but i am on whey protein and had the same problem with my sugar high so back on insulin i went .. maybe it takes time for our bodies to  adjust .. good luck..
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on 7/28/11 6:50 am - Canada
were u on optifast....and switch to protein shake,,,,have u had surgery yet.
on 7/28/11 8:38 am - livermore, CA
DS on 02/29/12
i was never on optifast. I am preop i need to drop 29 lbs to be able to have surgery . But i am hving such a hard time i deceided that the protein shake is what i would do to lose preop..
hope your doing well...
Kenneth Wilson
on 7/31/11 7:34 am
 Keep the faith gwenboldrick.

I have been on Optifast now for four days.  I have stopped all my insulin injections, and my numbers have planed off to normal. I of course couldn't be happier, but  feel rough.  I was told that my numbers could climb for a few days, but, would start coming back down to normal.  While everycase is different, if your numbers continue to climb, contact your nurse, or doctor that is following you and get the right advice.  Best of luck
on 10/17/11 11:32 pm - Canada
Hi I am having my op 27th oct.  I am on optifast and diabetic.  My doctor sd no need to adjust metformin as it will not cause my sugar to drop out of control.  I think for insulin it is more serious.  I think it best to go on optifast as it is complete.  Make sure you have half package at bed time so that your sugar does not go out of control in the morning.  My diatician told me timing meals is the best thing we can do for sugar balance and also make sure our first meal is within 1 hr of waking up.
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