need help asap!!!

on 11/21/14 7:00 pm - Salem, OR

Please help

I have a son that is type 1 diabetic and lost his insurance and can't afford to pay for his insulinHe well die without it. Does anyone know how or We're we can get help with prescription drugs I have tried online and no response back any help or any information that anyone has would be appreciated we live in Oregon if that matters at all thank you and God bless

on 12/5/14 1:43 am
RNY on 12/30/14

Have you looked in to the Healthy Kids program here in OR? Also, check with Bi-Mart pharmacy. They have a prescription insurance program that is free and they can sometimes help that way. I have insurance with a $10.00 co-pay for meds, and they actually run a couple of my meds through their program for me because the meds only cost about $5.00 through that program. It is a great program.



Han Shot First
on 12/14/14 12:50 am - Flint, MI
RNY on 10/06/14

I know it's been a while since you posted this, but have you gotten things figured out?


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on 12/22/14 6:13 pm

There are couple of good websites available namely,,,, and so on. I wish your son to be in good health soon

on 10/11/15 1:31 pm

Check with your other local pharmacies.... some or most of them have some sort of program for diabetes management where the diabetic medications are free.... they have restrictions on which meds and so forth. Also, they usually have prescription discount cards at the pharmacy counter.

Have you applied for Obamacare insurance or Medicaid for your son?

Find out what company manufactures your son's insulin and go to their website (google search). Most Pharma companies have Patient Assistance programs for people who can't afford their (overpriced) products.

Do you have a low-income public health clinic in your area? Perhaps they can assist you as well. My county has one and it's actually a branch of our county government (health department); we have another one that is state funded.

Hope something here helps.

on 10/13/15 2:15 am

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