Since I started losing weight my blood sugar has gone crazy.

on 12/28/14 6:21 pm

I have been successfully losing weight since August 2014 (26 lbs so far) but my blood sugar has gone crazy after years of being stable on 500 mg of Metformin even though my weight was slowly increasing.  I am now at 2000mg of Metformin and my fasting blood sugar is still too high and I have glucose spilling in my urine.  What the heck!?!  Anyone have this experience?  Any suggestions?

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on 3/24/15 11:25 pm - Pompano Beach, FL

Sometimes, I come across new studies that offer up exciting information on how natural remedies used for centuries are being used in new ways to fight back against common illnesses. A recent example: mindfulness, blood sugar levels, and your risk for prediabetes.

I have a little confession to make: I treated myself to a donut this morning…and it was delicious.

Eating a sugary treat feels good. I love the taste and sensation of eating a piece of cake or candy bar. I bet you do, too.

But every time you eat these snacks—or eat anything with carbohydrates—your blood sugar level jumps. It’s a completely normal reaction, and your body knows what to do with it. However, if you’re consistently eating large amounts of sugar-laced treats or carbohydrates, you could be exposing your body to irregularly high blood glucose levels.

on 4/16/15 11:39 am

I know Im a little late... but any type of illness or surgery can elevate blood sugar until you are completely healed.  The elevation makes it difficult to heal... so youre in a catch 22.  Im interested in knowing if you ever got it under control?

on 4/16/15 12:51 pm

No it is still very high and I am having to take max dose of metformin to keep it below 150 fasting.  An interesting note to your comment is that something has been wrong with me since last summer.  Every blood work I have had done since last spring shows that I have high white blood cell count.  In August my doc put me on Flagyl, immediately followed by Cipro, because I have had long term severe abdominal pain, so even though tests didn't show anything in my guts she was sure something was in there causing the pain and  elevated white count.  But my counts still stayed high.  Then a few months ago I eliminated dairy and all grains except rice and my abdominal issues stopped.  I am not running a fever and other than severe overall body ache I do not have any other pain locus like you would expect if something was infected.  I just finished a run of Keflex and will see what my counts are next blood work.  The docs are sure something is infected but we cannot figure out what.

on 4/17/15 1:54 am

Are you still losing weight?  I have elevated white blood cells.. that keeps my bg high.  

on 1/18/16 4:53 am

I know this is a late reply.  It's much harder to bring down blood sugar than it is to lose weight.

In 2014 I was losing weight and my blood sugar remained high for several weeks while I was

on a liver detox program which involved supplements, hydrotherapy, Epsom salts baths, and

elimination of grains, dairy, white sugar, potatoes, and citrus foods. I was allowed to have

1 cup of rice or buckwheat per day. I did not have WLS, I am considering that now.  The program

worked very well on me.  The only thing that is a hard program to keep up with, but I will try

again. My blood sugars did not drop immediately even though I felt better.  Blood sugars

did drop over time. They came back up even worse now, because again that is a hard program

to follow with the elimination of my favorite foods: dairy and sugar.



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