Revision from Gastric Sleeve to DS

on 6/25/15 1:49 pm - Houston, TX

I am going through the process of having a revision from Gastric Sleeve to the DS.  Having the Sleeve did not resolve my diabetes.  My surgeon suggested the DS at the beginning but I was hard headed and only had the Sleeve.  I have been diabetic over 25 years 20 years on insulin.  I am 57 years old.  I am hoping to hear from others that were in my situation that gives me hope to get off my meds.  Thank you for listening...



on 10/25/15 12:37 am - Greenwood, IN
VSG on 09/23/15

Hi. You've probably had your revision already by now, but I wanted to wish you good luck. I just had my sleeve surgery with the goal of getting off of my diabetic meds as well. It's working so far, but I'm worried about how it will be affected once I can eat more food at one time. :/

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on 11/3/15 4:28 pm - bakersfield, CA

I hope things are going well for you. I had the gastric bypass for the same reason as you, diabetes. I was on 100 units of insulin before surgery. After surgery, I'm on 12 units of insulin. So, things are better.... I was on insulin for about 15 years at the time of my surgery and my surgery was only 3 months ago, so I remain hopeful. Please continue to post. I look forward to reading your updates. BTW, I am 58 years old. AND, Kaiser (In Calif.) does not give the DS as a WLS option.

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