LAP-Band and Diabetes

on 7/27/15 9:36 am

I've had successful LAP-Band surgery but has NEVER been diabetic.  I have a friend who has been interested in WLS and it has been recommended that she have the Gastric Bypass since she is diabetic.  My friend does not like the idea of having organs cut (neither did I).  She would like to have the LAP-Band surgery.  I am wondering if any diabetics have had the LAP-Band and whether or not it was successful in getting rid of your diabetes or whether your diabetes has improved significantly.  My friend has Type II diabetes and is no way close to stable.  Thanks.

on 8/13/15 6:03 pm
RNY on 08/17/15

I had lap band surgery 10 years ago, and am now going in for a revision to RNY.  I lost approximately 40 lbs, but the lap band never resolved my diabetes.  In fact it has gotten worse.  I originally was looking into the sleeve, but my Dr. recommended the RNY.  I am also Type 2 and will be taken off all meds right after surgery!  I'm super excited about being off diabetes medications.

on 3/1/16 12:31 am

I just had my lap band removed and now waiting for a gastric sleeve. My dr said he doesn't even do bands any more because he's removed a lot of them. They don't help with the diabetes and 40 pounds is all I ever lost. Im not afraid

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