Use of antibiotics increases risk of type-2 diabetes: Study

on 9/8/15 12:36 am

Before you take another antibiotic, here’s something you might want to consider. A Danish study revealed that the use of antibiotics might increase the risk of type-2 diabetes, a condition that increases the risk of heart disease and other problems.

News Source: Use of antibiotics increases risk of type-2 diabetes: Study

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on 10/20/15 3:41 am - DENVER, CO

Diabetes is of two types i.e. Type 1 and Type 2. To know the difference between them take a look on type-2-do-you-know-the-difference-and-are-you-at-risk-113639 98294289#disqus_thread. Remember as such, there are no medicines or cure available for diabetes. Even the new study shows that use of antibiotics can enhance risk for type 2 diabetes, thus precautions are necessary to avoid severe consequence. Talk to your doctor, follow strict diet plan and do regular exercise.

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on 11/6/15 2:33 am - Russia

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