A1C needs to be below 7

on 10/15/15 9:44 am

I am working towards the VSG, and was told that my A1C needs to be below 7 before my doctor will do the surgery. I have done everything that he has told me to do...PT, OT, ENG, 6 months NUT counseling. I am just afraid that I will not be able to get my A1C down low enough. Any advice/encourgement?


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I was told, pretty much, the same thing, but never given an actual A1c number to reach. As far as I know, they never even tested mine to make sure it was within range, unless it was part of the blood tests they had me do before the surgery. If it was, they never told me what it was. (Three weeks post-op it was 6.8, though.)

I suggest talking to whomever you usually see for your diabetes and asking them about what you can do to get within range. Maybe they can put you on an insulin dose, temporarily, that will get you there.

I know my glucose levels plunged once I started on the pre-op liquid diet and that has to be how I got within range. My levels were in the 200s using Levemir (insulin), Metformin, and Farxiga. I just could not seem to get them down. I'm 4.5 weeks post-op now and my levels are within normal range.

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on 12/2/15 8:57 am

I recommend going back to the doctor and discussing it in further detail.  Your bariatric doctor may be looking for 1) an indication that you are able and willing to make behavioral change and 2) want some weight loss to shrink up the liver and lower the surgery risk.  You also need to talk to your primary care physician or whoever is managing your diabetes medication as its considered uncontrolled over 7.  There are quite a few new medications lately.  Oddly for me, when I'm being good to my diet and in fat burning mode, my sugars are higher and are more difficult to bring down.  Invokana has been a world of difference for me (10.0 down to 6.9) which I take on top of Janumet and Actos, but your doctor needs to make the recommendation of what is best for you.

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