Will delivery be difficult for diabetes patients?

on 6/15/16 4:47 am

I'm so excited and happy because my best friend is 3 weeks pregnant. Yesterday she consulted her Ob/Gyn and confirmed it. We are planning to throw a party for her.
She had severe tooth pain a few weeks back and her dentist Dr. Knebel in Sierra Dental, Calgary ( http://www.sierracentre.com/services/family-dentistry/root-c anal-therapy/ )asked her to undergo root canal treatment. He said there is no wrong with the teeth physically so it will ******ve problem inside the tooth. She was scheduled for the procedure on 20th of this month but since she is pregnant she can't get it done. Does she have any alternative method? Can she undergo the procedure in the second trimester?
She is a diabetes patient, will there be any difficulty in her delivery? I know we have to maintain our diabetes level at this time. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks for your time!!!   

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