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on 4/25/18 2:20 pm
Topic: RE: Why is it so hard losing weight being a diabetic?!

Hey lady, sorry for the lack of response. But what decision did you make? I have PCOS, with diabetics side effects that sometimes turn into full blown. It sucks, question is your cycle heavy or rough?

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on 4/4/18 10:22 am
VSG on 01/25/18
Topic: RE: What was your a1c before WLS?

My A1c was 14 yes it was really high but they still allowed me to have the surgery and I almost lost my life because of it a week after surgery I went into DKA

on 4/4/18 10:15 am
VSG on 01/25/18
Topic: RE: Type Two and Complications

Hello I'm 4 months post op and I still have diabetes my sugars are well controlled though I'm hoping soon I'll be free of it may I ask if you still have diabetes? And how long it took you to not have it?

on 3/31/18 7:41 pm
Topic: RE: What was your a1c before WLS?

Hello everyone,

This is my first post also. I will not be getting my surgery until this fall, because I have an insurance-mandated wait period. I have not met my surgeon yet, but twice I have been told that the team would 'like to see' my A1C below 9.0 before my surgery. My last A1C was 10.2, down from previous readings. I am on 130U of Lantus in the morning, and titrated doses of Humalog (usually 15-40 units). Despite this, I am struggling to get down to 9.


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on 2/24/18 6:36 pm - TX
Topic: RE: Why is it so hard losing weight being a diabetic?!

I don't know what medications you take but a lot of them cause us to retain or gain weight. I am on five shots a day of insulin and it definitely makes the weight hard to lose along with metformin. I also take some other meds that can do that too. I am Bi-Polar as well as a type 2 diabetic. I have borderline to high blood pressure.

I so feel where you are coming from! I have tried over and over to lose weight and it just sits at the same or fluctuates 10 pounds up or down. It is so frustrating. Maddening even. It feels like we are hitting our heads against a brick wall!

My best advice is to never give up! I've also been reading a lot....A WHOLE LOT! Don't be afraid to ask questions here and the General discussion forum. Everyone here is very helpful!

on 2/21/18 8:24 pm
Topic: Why is it so hard losing weight being a diabetic?!

I've been a diabetic now for six years now, also along with other health issues, such as high blood pressure, and high cholestorol. i try my hardest to lose weight to be more healthy, and eventually get off my medications, but for some reason it's just so hard for me to lose weight and i don't understand why. i excercise, i've change how i eat, so now i just don't know. i had a doctor's appointment today, and now she's recommending that i have the bariatric surgery, before my health get any worse. any suggestions out there that may help?

on 2/18/18 7:30 pm
Topic: Taking a stand against Diabetes

Just this morning I lost my uncle (dad's brother) due to a heart attack caused by high blood sugar. Two important people in my life lost their lives because of this. So for those who know someone who has diabetes, please ALWAYS remind them to regularly have their blood sugars checked and visit their doctor.

on 1/23/18 5:22 am
Topic: RE: How can I control my diabetics?

I have also used their chart and I think it is Ok but due to my condition I now use normal holesterol levels chart. Works fine don't worry :)

Mary K.
on 1/18/18 1:08 pm
Topic: RE: Long term results on Victoza?

I have been on Victoza a few years. Initially it helped me lose some weight, and the side effects do pass. I find if I forget to take it a few days I can get tired, headaches, etc. I shouldn't forget. It is a good medication. I have maintained a solid 5-6 A1C while on it, so it is doing its job.

It's not a miracle drug, but it does fight the disease in a way that makes sense.


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on 1/3/18 7:20 am
Topic: RE: ?? Healing ??

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