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on 4/19/12 2:44 am
Topic: RE: A little panicky...a question please...
 I just had the surgery on Monday 4/16.  My doctor wanted to make sure my sugars were in the 150 range during the surgery.  Prior to be rolled in i was at 148.  I rolled my insulin pump (i'm type 1) in under my hospital pants.  There has to be a better option for testing you that doesn't preclude you from having the surgery.  I would make sure your sergion is in the loop.  Again my experience is that my diabetes was in good control prior to sergery but better control after.  If sure you will see the same.
on 4/7/12 5:22 am
Topic: RE: Type 1 Diabetic scheduled for Sleeve 4/16
 half way through day 6 of a 14 day clear liquid pre op diet.  Actually doing okay, to my surprise.  I've adjusted bolus by about 25%.  Starting to get nervious for the surgery but realize that I really have to do this to get my health back.
on 4/1/12 8:30 am
Topic: RE: Type 1 Diabetic scheduled for Sleeve 4/16
I know a few of you are type 1 (not type 2) on this site.  My question is for the type 1's (insulin dependent).

I'm starting the 2 week clear liquid diet tomorrow in prep for surgery.  I'm anxious and very nervious at the same time.  How were you able to stick to the pre op diet given your special dietary needs.  My dr office is a leader in my area and they are pretty inexperienced w/ Type 1's.  How much basel adjusting did you do during the liquid diet and post surgery?  What did you do to increase blood sugar when you needed to?
on 10/27/11 11:07 pm
Topic: RE: Need some advise
 I've been type 1 for about 23 years.  I have a series of health related issues.  
- For the past 4 years I have had to be on Prednisone to be able to breath.  Dr's call it asthma even though asthma meds make no difference.  If I don't take Pred I can't breath.  I've passed out during coughing attacks and my lungs fill with mucus.  The Pred is the only things that helps.  The pred is slowing killing me though and make controling blood sugar levels a challenge.  Prior to taking the drug I was consistantly under 7 A1c.  Since being on the meds I've never been below 7.7..  Over this time I've put on 80+ lbs (350 total).
- Finally my lung dr told me the only way to get off the drug is to loss the weight.  Easy for him to say as Pred makes that virtually impossible.  He suggested WLS and I'm listening.
- I've concluded that I'm going to do to sleeve in Feb 2012 but am really concerned with potential complications (have a wife and 2 young daughters)

I guess I'm posting this for a couple reasons
1) has anyone ever lost their dependance for pred following weight loss, if so how long?
2) what impact did the weight loss have on your dependance to other meds?  Right now I'm on a cpap, lipator, licinipril, and zantac..

Somebody give me some good news.  I really want to get control of my life again...

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