Need to burp, but can't!

on 1/19/08 9:32 am - Clawson, MI
I'm wondering who else has this happen. Sometimes after I eat I get what feels like trapped air in my stomach.  I get the urge to burp, but food tries to come up instead.  As my stomach grinds the pressure gets really bad. Sometimes it's so bad I have to throw up to ease the pain. This does not happen all the time.  Maybe once every few weeks.  It also doesn't seem to be related to what I eat.  I've had it happen with all kinds of food, most of the time it's something I've eaten before with no problem and eat again after with no problem. My theory is that before, when my stomach was shaped and sized like a football air could move up and around the food and make it's way out.  Now that my tummy is tube shaped, air gets trapped under the food and can't get out.  I just can't figure out why it happens sometimes and not others. Have you had this happen?  Do you have any type of solution or anything you did to help? Thanks!
Lori Black
on 1/19/08 11:27 am - , IN
This happens to me every once in a while, where I'll burp and food comes up instead.  (No pain associated with it like you mentioned though).  It's usually when I've had one bite too many...then I know it's time to stop.  That's my only solution, is that maybe take a break from eating or just stop eating.  Do you find yours is when you get too full too?
on 1/19/08 12:06 pm - Clawson, MI
No, that's another weird thing about it.  It can happen from just a bite or two of something.
on 1/19/08 9:25 pm
Maybe try some GasX or get a script for Nexium.   Hey an 81 lb loss is terrific.  Sounds like you need to tweek how you deal with food.  Try some digestive aids like I mentioned and see if it is a simple fix.
on 1/19/08 9:33 pm
I think you might be eating too much and/or too quickly and are gulping down air. Slow down, put your fork down between bites and see if that helps. The only times I've regurgitated (and that's what it was, more like an overflow than actual nausea) was when I ate just one bite too much. It came up like water over a dam.
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on 7/31/10 7:58 pm
 Most of these answers are incorrect. Aerophagia is actually fairly uncommon and wouldn't repeat itself very often if it were the problem. The symptoms described are more akin to the symptoms your body shows when reacting to starvation. Now I'm not saying youre starving or even hungry, but when you suddenly decrease the amount of calories your taking in, your body can go into whats commonly referred to as 'starvation mode'  which can cause a myriad of unpleasant symptoms.  Whilst there are some prescription solutions, the BEST way to feel better is to eat. And in this case the best thing to eat would be fresh fruit. I would avoid grease and fried foods while experiencing this as they will probably make things worse.
on 1/20/08 9:38 am - CA