Whatchu talking about ... Enlarged Fatty Liver?

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OK I had an Abdomenal Ultrasound as part of my pre-surgical testing this morning.  I got my results back already and it says I have an Enlarged Fatty Liver.    It looks like obeseity is one of the main causes.   Is this pretty normal for us?   Will this cause a problem for my surgeon?    Thanks!! Tom
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It DOES get in the way during surgery. This is why it's VERY important that you follow your surgeon's pre-op diet, to shrink that fatty liver to give him more room to maneuver.
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From what I've read in the binder, Dr B puts his patients on a liquid diet for 5 days before.  That way it shrinks the liver, he has to lift the liver to get to the stomach.  When doing it lap, if the liver is too big, it could give him reason to go open!!

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Thanks. Yes I am aware of needing to be in a losing state before surgery so the liver is smaller.  I was just wondering if others have had this "diagnosis" and if it should cause me worry.    I'm at least 3 months out from surgery so I will be losing a bunch of weight before on my multi disaplinary prep diet.   Thanks Tom 

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I had a biopsy at the time of surgery and the report said I think, stage 4. Mine was bad. Sorry I dont have the report in front of me.  At 18 mos post op I can say that my liver blood tests now have gone back to just about normal. So, try not to worry, do the liver shrinking preop and wait for the DS to do its thing.

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Yea, it's pretty common with the obese.  My surgeon routinely does a liver biopsy during surgery and my initial one was abnormal.  I don't remember the details.  Point is, my second surgery it was NORMAL.  YEA Follow your doc's instructions and don't freak out about this.  It is common.  The doc just wants to know what to expect!
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It's called NASH and it is very common in morbidly obese people, but it is reversible, Your liver enzymes may actually go up right after the surgery but over the first year or two they should slowly decline to normal. You should strictly limit your use of alcohol and acetaminophen and avoid statins until your liver enzymes are normal. Milk thistle supplements may also help.
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I am already planning on Jackson next year--y'all had way too much fun without me!
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Yeah, fatty enlarged liver is very common in MO. it's (was) true of mine too!
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