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warm, flush red face?

on 4/3/08 5:22 pm - Rogers, MN
Ok I know this is weird but for some reason today my face is very flush, red, and warm (almost even a little burning feeling). I have no idea what this is, I've never felt this way before!!! I am Irish and have very fair skin, living in Minnesota we don't get very much sun but today was the first real sign of spring.   I was in the car and the sun felt very warm (maybe it was me reacting to whatever)  and hasn't went away.  Could I be more sensitive to sunlight since surgery? Could this be hormonal/ DS related?  Vitamin deficiency? Any ideas? Thanks!! Tiffany
on 4/3/08 5:38 pm - Tallahassee, FL

What vitamins did you take today? Did you take Niacin today? That can make you flush.  Sometimes, just a little alcohol will make my face flush! Dianne from FL

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on 4/3/08 6:07 pm - Rogers, MN
I called my pharmacist and she suggested I take some Benadryl and see if improves in case it is an allergy.   She doesn't think it is the Adderall.  I am just baffled as I haven't ever experienced this before.  Here is a list of vitamins I'm taking...  Thanks!!!  ~~~ Tiffany

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Lori Black
on 4/3/08 6:08 pm - , IN
I haven't had any weird reactions to the sun and we're about the same amt of time out from surgery.  I have no idea what it could be....other than maybe you getting ready to get a bug...or you already have one and your temp is up to try to kill it off.  Hope you figure it out soon!
on 4/3/08 6:11 pm - Rogers, MN
I know strange,  right?!  Yeah I haven't a clue.  Thank you though!  Oh and I love your new avatar!!!
on 4/3/08 7:10 pm
Could be your hormones, but could also be your BP.  I've done this in the past, but haven't had WLS surgery nor do I take vitamins.  I've always figured it was one of the first two that I mentioned.  If you start breaking out in whelps or blotches, make sure you get to a doctor - quick.
on 4/3/08 9:39 pm - Rogers, MN
That's  just it I'm not breaking out at all!   My face is still warm but isn't as red.  Adderall can raise the blood pressure so maybe that is it.  Hmm, I'll have to keep an eye on it.  Thanks for your input, I appreciate it!
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on 4/3/08 7:48 pm - Horsham, PA
DS on 07/25/07 with
Was wondering if the Benadryl helped? I have gotten a sun rash, but it does not tingle. I get blotchy , sometimes it is itchy. I have dermatomyositis it is similar to a lupus. If it happens again see if the doctor can look at it, so you can get the treatment you need.
on 4/3/08 9:39 pm - Rogers, MN
The Benadryl did nothing but make me tired!!!  Yeah I don't think it any kind of ra**** feels more like when you blush but it has lasted 9 hours granted it isn't as bad.  Hmmm???  I think I'll call my doctor in the morning if it is still the same.  Thank you.
on 4/3/08 7:55 pm - Mouseville, FL
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Could it be a hot flash? 




on 4/3/08 9:47 pm - Rogers, MN
I've never had a hot flash last this long before.  Can they last this long? It has been like 9 hours.   I being only a few months out,  my hormones are all over the place.  Thanks!!!
on 4/3/08 9:50 pm - Mouseville, FL
DS on 07/13/06 with
I don't know about a hot flash lasting that long.  I certainly hope you are not getting sick.




on 4/3/08 8:13 pm - Gaithersburg, MD
I have done the same with both high blood pressure and low thyroid levels. 


on 4/3/08 9:49 pm - Rogers, MN
The last time I was at the Doc they were good but maybe.... 
on 4/3/08 10:26 pm
Maybe you're starting to go thru menopause?  That is one of the symptoms.   In my case, my face would blush beet red for only a few seconds to quite a few hours.  That happened in church a couple of times, and it was a very uncomfortable feeling for me.  One time it happened as I was doing a reading, and there was no reason for me to blush like that.   Fortunately, my situation lasted only a few months.  So I am probably considered post-menopausal now.


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on 4/3/08 10:58 pm, edited 4/3/08 10:58 pm - Rogers, MN
I'm only 30 so I don't think it is menopause but you could be right in that it is hormonal.  Estrogen being stored in my fat cells along with the rapid weight loss.  Hmmm...  maybe?  Thanks for your help, I appreciate it!  It is just so hard to say weather it is DS related or not...   It is the whole getting use to your bad over again and this is just weird to me.
on 4/4/08 9:27 am - OR
I get it after MSG, hydrolyzed protein, autolyzed yeast all the same pretty much and it escalated to a full blown event with throat closing etc. after a few incidents! Also seaweeds are the same as MSG chemiclly- noori,wraps for sushi/sashimi.
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Terri B.
on 4/4/08 5:45 am - St. Louis, MO
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I have had that exact reaction before and I think I have it narrowed down to MSG in food.  I didn't realize that it could cause a flush response, but it can.  Now I make sure when I order Chinese food I tell them no MSG.

 I hope you find the cause of yours.  It's uncomfortable!


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