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Weird Lemon cravings?

on 4/24/08 7:12 am - Hokes Bluff, AL
Ok Guys, I know a while back someone posted that if you were craving lemons that there was some sort of nutritional deficiency.  For the life of me I can not remember who said it or what the deficeiency was. If anyone remembers please let me know.  I am craving lemons like crazy.  My husband is thinking that I am more of a wack-a-doo than I am normally am.   Kym

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on 4/24/08 7:20 am - Middletown, OH
I did a google search but didn't find much on it. The only thing I can think of is maybe a vitamin C deficiency, or something having to do with citrus.
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on 7/4/09 2:29 pm - New Zealand
I also as worried about a lemon craving. Ever since a full hip replacement.. eventually I found a link that points out that the skin pips pith and fruit contin a range of health corrections second to none including at cellular level. So as its acidc I just make sure I have water or soemthing first and not more than three a day. I have been bedridden for years and now although not up I am wanting to be and that's an exponential change. So be reasurred its propably appropriate, certinly not dangerous and very beneficial
on 4/24/08 7:32 am - Ottawa, Canada
Kym I trade you my intense LIVER craving for your lemon craving LOLOL!  My craving is so bad that I'm going out for lunch today to have some and I generally don't do liver other than pate!!!!!!!!!!!

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on 4/24/08 7:46 am - Hokes Bluff, AL
Kim, I still get liver cravings, chicken livers in particular, I have to keep it a secret from my mom since I would make a big production of gagging whenever she would eat them.  LOL.   Hey at least there is protein in the livers. Welcome to the DS roller coaster!   Kym

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Carol J.
on 4/24/08 9:33 am - Barrie, Canada
Ack! Liver! *shudder* I'm rather eat the back end out of skunk!

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Samaro ..
on 4/24/08 9:36 am
Wait.....I thought liver was the back end of a skunk!   Ewwwww!

Carol J.
on 4/24/08 9:54 am - Barrie, Canada
It *IS* in my books Sandy! [skunk+wound1791.jpg]

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Carol J.
on 4/24/08 9:36 am - Barrie, Canada
I love acidic foods! Especially limes in G&Ts in the summer! I personally think if you are craving it, then go and have it! Give the body what it wants! Lemons can't be a bad thing?

5'10"   272/140/132-167 (SW/CW/GW)       
Starting BMI - 40  Current BMI - 20
on 4/24/08 9:52 am, edited 4/24/08 9:52 am - Indianapolis, IN
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Except for me right now b/c I'm ultra-low carbing it  {stamping foot and pouting cause I LOVE fruit and can't have it for awhile!}

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on 4/24/08 5:39 pm - Orange County :), TN
This is funny you post this because I have never been a “lemon” person. But since surgery I want lemon in everything. I love lemon in my water, lemonade Crystal Lite and lemon in my decaf tea. I chalked it up to my screwed up post op taste buds.

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