Penis Protein

David M.
on 3/31/09 11:47 am - Germantown, OH

I just saw Andrew Zimmer on the travel channel go to a "penis only" restaurant in China. This is the worlds only restaurant that serve nothing but penis...deer name it and they were munching on it's manhood. I guess there are multiple ways to get your protein in...

I guess the protein shakes ain't lookin so bad!

David M.
Valerie G.
on 3/31/09 12:01 pm - Northwest Mountains, GA
You get your protein your way -- I'll get mine my way.

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on 3/31/09 12:04 pm - Summerland, Canada
How do I put this without getting kicked off the board for indecency?

At the risk of having my post deleted...

Here you are (presumably a gentleman) talking about how there must be better ways of getting your protein in...

When every man I've ever met can't wait to have you taste his!

Go figure.

In joking love and support.

David M.
on 3/31/09 12:14 pm - Germantown, OH

I'm an ER nurse.....You are not going to make me blush....

David M.
on 3/31/09 3:09 pm - Dayton, OH
 OT, that is so cool...thats exactly what i am going to school to become.
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"Just Elizabeth "
on 3/31/09 4:55 pm - Houston, TX
Post it on the R&R forum. There we will take what you say and add to it in innumerable ways!!!

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on 3/31/09 12:08 pm - Summerland, Canada
on 3/31/09 12:11 pm - Middletown, OH
I'll be eating dick this weekend. My sister is making a penis cake for her Pure Romance party.
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on 3/31/09 12:14 pm
OMG     I wasnt sure how to take this one.....     but I guess not by the horns....that would be the other h***.....j/k
on 3/31/09 12:17 pm
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