anal fissure

Georgina R.
on 6/24/09 2:12 am, edited 6/24/09 2:13 am - Bakersfield, CA
DS on 12/23/08 with
Okay guys, I got one.  I've had it for more than a month, I'd say.

I read a bunch of things online that said they usually heal up on their own if you soften your stools and be careful (which I have done), but it still hasn't gotten away.

I am putting off going to the doctor for obvious reasons.  Just so embarassing.  Plus I don't really want somebody to stick their finger in my butt.  Yes I am a wuss.

It isn't bleeding anymore, but it still HURTS so bad.  Right now I'm squirming...and my last BM was over 2 hours ago.

When is it time to see a doctor?  Or is there anything else I can do for relief?
on 6/24/09 2:27 am - Leicester, NC
First I wanted to say, I'm sorry your asshole hurts! 

Second, I think Diana Cox has an article posted on her profile concerning healing an anal fissure.  



Georgina R.
on 6/24/09 2:28 am - Bakersfield, CA
DS on 12/23/08 with
Oh!  Thanks, PP!  For the sympathy and the tip.  Lol.

I'll go look for that now!
Panda ..
on 6/24/09 2:30 am
Georgina R.
on 6/24/09 2:31 am - Bakersfield, CA
DS on 12/23/08 with
Thanks, Panda.  I think I may be getting near that point!
on 6/24/09 2:32 am
Georgina.....while I am no nancy  Sorry your suffering this!!!  I feel for ya!  I was going to tell you as well that Diana has quite a blog on her profile regarding this and there is so much helpful information there....Im all for curing these withjust medications and cautions!  That end is most definately "delicate"....hope you feel better real soon.
Georgina R.
on 6/24/09 2:39 am - Bakersfield, CA
DS on 12/23/08 with
Thank you, Colene!  I can't seem to find the blog entry...I did a search for anal fissure on her blog and nothing.
on 6/24/09 2:41 am - Chicago, IL
Here you go Georgina. I had it saved in my favorites. Good info!

Phase 1 Plastic Surgery Completed 9/9/09 with Dr. Siamak Agha.

Georgina R.
on 6/24/09 2:43 am - Bakersfield, CA
DS on 12/23/08 with
Anna G.
on 6/24/09 2:42 am
OMG, you poor thing. What a thing for a newlywed to have to deal with. Here's the link to Diana's post about anal fissures:

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