Dr. Oz on Anal Fissures

on 6/1/10 10:59 am



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on 6/1/10 11:55 am - Alexandria, IN
DS on 07/05/05 with
Post DS, I took the prescribed vitamins and the iron in the vitamins made my poop like cement, thus, causing an anal fissure.  I have had to have fissures surgically reapired 3 times.  Hopefully, the last time (which was almost a year ago, now) fixed the problem permanently.

They are incredibly painful and cause a lot of discomfort.  I was on heavy duty narcotics after the surgeries each time.

Danielle ~ GRDS~ Dr. Ara Keshishian ~ 7/5/05


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on 6/2/10 3:07 am
 I actually got a fissure from the opposite -- uncontrollable diarrhea. 

The surgery was terrible -- I was on heavy-duty painkillers for a month afterwards, and it's been over two months now and the incision keeps getting infected. 

UGH. I never had ass issues before my DS and it's the only thing that I absolutely HATE about my DS. But I can live with it. But ugh, that fissure surgery was awful! 

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walter A.
on 6/2/10 12:34 pm - lafayette, NJ
had them, missed a lot of work,  took 80mg of prilosec , and they healed over.  affable prilosec will cure fissures , hemorrhoids and laryngitis , acid does not discriminate on what it eats.
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