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Preface: This information is NOT medical advice but rather a guide. It is a collection of our own experiences as DS patients. Bottom line: defer to your treating physicians-they are the professionals.  

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Not that I'm qualified to give anyone advice, but I was thinking how it was when I was pre op and now that I'm almost a year out I thought it might help someone out there. So here goes nothing!  

Advice for pre-ops: If you have to go through hell with gasoline drawers on to get the DS then do it! Understand what your labs mean as it is up to you to be diligent about your own health after your DS. Take your supplements- not negotiable. Adjust your vites as indicated by your lab results and remember, normal isn’t normal for us; you are shooting for DS normal. (DS normal is a matter of opinion)  Listen to the vets as they have already walked the path and are still walking it, learning from it, and sharing their experience to help you. 

1-3 months out: You’ll have trouble getting in your fluids, protein and supplements. By three months out you should be able to get all of it in. Immediate post op, you focus on getting your 64 oz fluids in. Protein, eating, and vitamins will come as you heal. Follow your surgeons post op instructions and meal plan. Don’t test the waters by eating popcorn, junk food and dense proteins the first month post op as you could do damage to your healing suture line. Sip, walk, rest and repeat and remember it will get better. Be patient with yourself-you just had major surgery. Make a daily journal of how many ounces of fluids you get in, how many grams of protein, and any supplements. I kept a journal for 3 months and you can really see your progress, know which foods are not sitting well and encourages you to set higher goals. Lets talk about poop. Yes, your poo will change-the smell, consistancy, and color. It will freak you out at first but as time goes on and you eat more solids, it too will firm up and start resembling pre-op poo. If you are pooting a million times a day, that is not normal and you should call your doctor Use air fresheners to help combat the stink; and please remember that it's **** and everyone's **** stinks, not just a DS'ers. Get your labs and follow up with your surgeon.  

3-6 months out: You start feeling better but may feel fatigued, or low energy. Watch for leg and foot cramps as this can be a sign of low potassium levels. You may develop acne. I upped my zinc and used over the counter acne medication and it helped tremendously-and up your water consumption as it helps flush the toxins from your system. Watch for signs of depression. Clothes start bagging so badly you look like you have a load in your britches. Time to go shopping but don’t buy a new wardrobe just yet; you have more weight to lose! Your mind may not be able to take in the weight loss as it is happening so fast. Your hair may start thinning and fall out during this time. You should be getting in all your fluids and then some-all your protein either by food, protein shakes, or a combo of both. You may find certain foods give you paint peeling gas. This is controllable by knowing what your triggers are- mainly white flour, sugars and high carb foods. I recommend taking Primal Defense Ultra probiotic- it helps keep good flora in your gut and also helps with gas and bloating. And most importantly, you should be getting in all your supplements by now. If not, you need to discuss this with the DS board for more ideas on how to get them in you. Get your labs!  

6-9 months out: You’ll feel like your old self again, the difference is there’s a lot less of you!  By this point those new clothes you bought may be getting baggy already. Hair loss may start to slow down. Most people oooh and aaaah over your weight loss. Frenemies will start the snarky comments to make themselves feel better. Don’t let them get you down-you worked hard for this moment in the sun, so enjoy it. Don’t validate their insecurities by second guessing yourself. You did what you needed to do to get healthy and there is nothing wrong with being excited about it. Sharing your success is a positive thing and don’t let anyone make you feel otherwise. Get your labs!  

9-12 months out: Hair loss may stop and the acne problem may disappear. Some people may tell you to stop losing weight. Those frenemies may finally be used to the ‘new’ you by now and are not threatened by you anymore.  You may be nearing goal and need to figure out how to slow down your weight loss and maintain by increasing your complex carbs. Personally, I wouldn’t slow my weight loss down by gorging on junk food as it may open the door to old habits.  Did I mention labs?  

Links of interest:

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In the same vein, here's another post about the same subject that I touched on:

Here's a great one from Lori! ~Thanks Victorious One & Lori! he-pyloric-valve-is-SO-important-A-must-read/#36278545  Study from Dr. Roslin- Pyloric Valve: why it is so important -A MUST READ ~Thanks Steve & Joanne!

I encourage everyone to add to this list as I’m sure there is plenty I’ve left out as it would be nearly impossible to list every single thing that pertains to a year in the life of having a DS. I just know it was the best decision I ever made for myself and I'd do it again in a heartbeat. Hope you find it is the same for you too.
Highest Weight: 323   Surgery Weight: 301  Current Weight: 138-145  Goal Weight: 150
                                   ~Goal on 12.20.10~  ~Total weight loss 185 lbs~
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Highest Weight: 323   Surgery Weight: 301  Current Weight: 138-145  Goal Weight: 150
                                   ~Goal on 12.20.10~  ~Total weight loss 185 lbs~
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Highest Weight: 323   Surgery Weight: 301  Current Weight: 138-145  Goal Weight: 150
                                   ~Goal on 12.20.10~  ~Total weight loss 185 lbs~
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I've got a link of good newbie links in my signature line below that may help too!  Great post Eileen!

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I remember your incredible post and have it bookmarked! I'll add it to the links of interest! Thanks Lori, great to see you around here again!
Highest Weight: 323   Surgery Weight: 301  Current Weight: 138-145  Goal Weight: 150
                                   ~Goal on 12.20.10~  ~Total weight loss 185 lbs~
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