What does ketosis breath smell like?

on 1/4/11 12:08 pm - Summerville, SC
Soooo I'm sitting at the computer trying to get my daughter's (she's 16) new phone activated. She walked in and here's the conversation

*big sniff* Did you fart???
Umm no why? 
OMG then what's that smell?
I don't know, what does it smell like??
It smells like farts!    
I don't smell anything. (I really don't smell anything so that totally means it's coming from me)
Mom how do you not smell it, it's right there!
I don't know maybe the cat farted
OMG she is soooo nasty.

At this point I turned around and had to grab my tummy I was giggling so much. I've read a million times about ketosis breath but I don't remember what it smells like. I just wanted to know if "farts" were on the ketosis smell menu or something else is growing in my mouth.

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on 1/4/11 12:23 pm
I'm not sure about the ketosis smell but your house sounds hilarious and I'm seriously laughing out loud!!!!!
Kerry J.
on 1/4/11 12:27 pm - Santa Clara, UT
I don't know what it smells like either; I never could smell it. Barb did and said it just smelled "Funky" what ever that is. LOL!

on 1/4/11 12:36 pm - Cheshire, CT
DS on 09/21/10 with
My husband says that I smell like corn on the cob when I'm in ketosis.   I guess that's better than cat farts! 

on 1/4/11 12:44 pm
This is getting better by the post!!! Lolol
walter A.
on 1/4/11 1:28 pm - lafayette, NJ
google,,,its your friend,,,acetone,, or fruity,,,a sign of diabetic shock,,, in first aid care or for law enforcement when they ask you that first question when you roll down the window.  

on 1/4/11 8:49 pm - Summerville, SC
Thank you Walter. I did google and found about 20 different sites that just stated - funky, foul breath. Just thought I'd ask those here with personal experience.

I don't have sweet breath so it either was the cat or something else funky is going on.

HW - 274 / SW - 265 / CW - 178 / GW 140          High BMI 53.5 / Current BMI 34.8