Carb/ protein counter app for Blackberry?

on 1/9/11 11:12 pm - TX
 I like to use fitday online when I think about it and when I have tried to lose weight by watching my carbs.  I am going to try to see if I can lose maybe another 10-15 lbs by doing it again but it would be easier on the go.   I have a blackberry as my local mobile in rural area doesnt have iphones yet. 
  I was looking at the health/ diet apps at the blackberry app store and they all say calorie counter blah blah..
  I dont really care about calories but I do need to know carbs and protein info.. and calories is not important.   THere is not currently a fitday app for blackberry like there is for Iphone so I was wondering if anyone knows an app that is similar that would be good.  There are lots of diet apps listed but I didnt want to have to download a ton of them if they are not beneficial to our unusual DS lifestyle. 
  Thanks for any reccomendations.


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on 1/9/11 11:33 pm - Jonesboro, AR
Not much out there for the BB. Look at the apps here:

on 1/10/11 12:01 am - TX


 Adoptive mom to 3 children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders     
on 1/10/11 12:36 am - Warminster, PA
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I use the calorie counter app for my blackberry.

on 1/10/11 1:10 am - West Haven, UT
DS on 06/30/10 with
calorie counter, is also what I use and you can changed the setting to what you want. I have it for Net Carbs, Protien, and Cal.. In that order.
Give it a try is simple to use and its helped me out a lot the past week.
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on 1/30/12 1:30 pm
Hi. There is a new nutrition tracker app for Blackberry now available called TrackNSlim. It will track carbs and protein. The interface is easy and nice and I think you will like this app for your needs. Please see the website:  Get on App World at:
Best to you in meeting your goals.
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on 1/10/11 5:45 am, edited 1/10/11 5:47 am - WAKE FOREST, NC
Toni, I have Cal Counter (by FatSecret) on my Evo  and use it all the time but can't figure out how to change the settings. Can you break it down for me Barney Style? Thanks!!

Maybe I'm looking at a different "Calorie Counter?"

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