What is the BEST thing to put on your scars to heal properly and fade? I had open DS

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Thanks for your input! My scar is about 7 inches long with many holes around it. Very pink and prominent. Tell me what has workded best for you? Vitamin E, Scar solutions? what?????
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I had some plastic surgery awhile back and they advised: nothing until it heals completely, then after ALWAYS protect it from the sun (sun screen or clothing), and regular massage of the scar with vitamin e oil - with the most emphasis on protecting it from the sun.
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Well I had lap DS and didn't do anything to my little key holes and can hardly see them.  But in prep for my plastics I did research scar treatment and the thing that lead the pack in my mind was silicon scar sheeting after it's healed and closed.     Something like this will work for your incision size ... use 2 ... they can be rinsed/washed and used for a while before replacing them with new.

ScarAway Silicone Scar Sheets

Massage the scar with vitamin E  daily as well.

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Vitamin E is the best (at least that is what my surgeon told me).  You can either get a lotion that has vit E and shea butter in it, or get Vit E capsules and break them open to rub the oil directly on your scar. 


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on 1/10/11 12:14 am
 Hey Jules, you can buy straight vitamin E oil now :)  I get mine at the Vitamin Shoppe in 45,000IU strength, it's a pretty small bottle, but it lasts forever!  I use it on all my scars, as a moisturizer and even on new tattoos to help them from scaring.  Great stuff!
on 1/10/11 12:19 am - Centrally located in, IL
Sweet!  Vitamin Shoppe literally just opened up last week here.  I still have yet to make it over there.  I'm thinking that might be a great way to get my Vit E, right?


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on 1/10/11 12:26 am
 I puffy heart my Vitamin Shoppe, I'm there once a week...  Eep!  

I'm not 100% sure if we get the full benefit from the topical vit E in terms of our supplementation needs, but it certainly doesn't hurt to have the extra!  I mean, it makes sense that there would be *some* benefit from it, since there are such things as topical calcium, vitamin D, ect.  But, I don't rely on it as my only source of E, if that makes sense.  I treat it like my multi-vitamin- just a fail safe, catch all, and bonus :)  

Make sure you sign up for the Vitamin Shoppe bonus program.  It's FREE, and every purchase gets you closer to rewards and free stuff.  I just got an email with my "bonus" in it, $25 in FREE stuff of my choice, yeah!
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Right now im using Vitamin E cream morning and night, mid-day im using Bio-oil
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Helichrysum gives good results. I use it combined with diluted Vit E (straight out of the capsule gives me a rash).

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