DS to RNY revision

Kerry J.
on 1/14/11 8:49 am - Santa Clara, UT
You've heard about this and for some time I couldn't really figure out what she hoped to gain by getting the revision to RNY. This post really explains a lot:

www.obesityhelp.com/forums/amos/4303537/Why-Do-I-Feel-So-Lou sy-long/

If you don't have a clue what labs you should get done or what labs were done or what the results where; gee, I wonder why someone so smart could be talked into RNY?

There really should be some kind of an IQ or intelligence test you have to pass to get the DS.

Larissa P.
on 1/14/11 8:58 am - Denton, TX
It is scary to think about and you can really see from this angle why so many docs refuse to do the DS.

(Of course if they made a commitment to educating the patients this could be overcome, but alas...)
Duodenal Switch hybrid due to complications.
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on 1/14/11 11:27 pm - Mexico
Tell me again about your choice in DS surgeons?  I think my memory is failing me.

We are talking research here, right?

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Larissa P.
on 1/15/11 4:03 am - Denton, TX
Ah, your true self showing through again. What a pleasure it is indeed to have your special form of discourse on these boards.
Duodenal Switch hybrid due to complications.
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on 1/14/11 9:11 am, edited 1/14/11 9:11 am - MI
 Is that the complete list of labs that I should be asking my PCP to run ? And where should the levels be ? is it the same across the board ?
Kerry J.
on 1/14/11 9:15 am - Santa Clara, UT
Your surgeon should give you a set of "Lab Orders" for 6 month and 1 year out. Although some will have you get labs every 3 months. You can also get a copy online at Dr. Rabkins web site:


Don't take the copies you make to your blood draw or they will send the results to Dr. Rabkin, but you can get the list from these forms.

on 1/14/11 10:54 am - AL

But you can't  just "ask" for these labs.  You must make sure you get these labs run.  And then you can't go by what your pcp says about the results.  You must check with the experts here to find out where you stand.

And here are the recommended Vitamins to start with:



(deactivated member)
on 1/14/11 9:16 am
This one also had a crappy surgeon (one I passed up when I was pre-op) and admits to eating a ton of simple carbs during her DS years.  She is a sad case.

Kerry J.
on 1/14/11 9:20 am - Santa Clara, UT
Sad case? Bit of an understatement don't ya think?

on 1/14/11 9:25 am - MI
 Thanks Kerry I bookmarked the sight ... I love this message board so informative 
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