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trapped gas in bowels.. please help

on 1/22/11 2:41 pm - somewhere, MI
DS on 10/07/10 with
So I have been feeling like CRAP lately... I knew it was multiple issues but is what the Dr said today

I have a bladder infection, a kidney infection, some vaginal infection thats not a yeast infection  these are all related she says.  Also I am extremely dehydrated.  I drank over 64 ounces of fluid all within 8 hours before the test saying this.   Im worried... she says drink more but IM drinking as much as I can it dfoesnt seem to be doing anything.

Also my xray showed that my large intestines are FULL of large pockets of gas.  he says he's never seen anything like that. They were able to follow my entire track easily because it was so full of gas.

I am SUPER swollen, pants dont fit and I have known all week somethings wrong...  why wont it come out of me on either end???????  Is there anything I can do to help this?  :(

I am very miserable as you might imagine from all of these above things....I am on antibiotics now, drinking as much as possible and laying around in bed.... STUPID pain.  

I did actually ASK them for an IV to help me and you all know thats a BIG deal for me.... and she said NO just drink a LOT more.  *cry*
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on 1/22/11 2:43 pm - Mason, MI
Ahhh, Jess... I'm so sorry!!!  I don't have much advice other than try and drink more!  Let me know if there is anything I can do for you though!!!!! 

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on 1/22/11 2:54 pm - BF-Nowhere, United Kingdom
Are you ****ting normally?  You sound like you may have a bowel obstruction.  Can you get to your surgeon ASAP and get them to have a look?  Have you been vomiting or having diarrhea? 

Get thee to your surgeons office!

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on 1/22/11 3:05 pm - somewhere, MI
DS on 10/07/10 with
yes going to the bathroom normally and trust me some gas does come out jsut never enough for relief.  Its not even at all smelly its just a PILE OF trapppped gas.

No vomitting or DHR   just that of course with all these infections I am in pain everywhere.
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First person to tell me I took the "easy" way out is getting a black eye!
on 1/22/11 3:26 pm - BF-Nowhere, United Kingdom
Nope severely dilated bowel loops are bad and shouldn't be treated lightly.  You could be pseudo obstructed and I really have to say again GO TO YOUR SURGEON.  Seriously this isn't you needing a fart, gas doesn't trap like that without some structural or infective process in action.  How would you know if you had an area of dead bowel?  You wouldn't feel it although you'd feel like ****  I say again GET TO YOUR SURGEON because your symptoms are cause for real concern.  PLEASE!  PRETTY PLEASE!

STEVE STEVE YOU ABOUT?  TELL HER TO GO TO HER SURGEON...Steve is a doctor and he's gonna come along and tell you to go see your surgeon now.



RIP Mickie aka Happychick.  You will be missed deeply.
on 1/22/11 4:28 pm - somewhere, MI
DS on 10/07/10 with
ok I will call my surgeon... although I am quite certain he isnt around until Monday and I need to borrow a car to get to him.... this is the unfortunate part about travelling for surgery...fortunately its only about an hour drive though
5'5" HW-344 (10/4/09) SW-295 (10/7/10) CW-161 GW-144
Never give up, Never surrender! ~Galaxy Quest

First person to tell me I took the "easy" way out is getting a black eye!
(deactivated member)
on 1/22/11 5:44 pm
Kirmy --  Excellent advice.  All I can say is, "Ditto". 

I appreciate your vote of confidence!  Maybe I should look into a Spanx superhero suit and cape. . .
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on 1/22/11 3:51 pm
Jess, I second what Kirmy said, please go to or at least call your surgeon. Don't wait.

your doctor doesn't sound like he gets it, when it comes to the needs of a patient with a DS.

There has to be something that is trapping the gas inside.

Good Luck
Hey Jules
on 1/22/11 2:55 pm
Sorry if this is a dumb question, but have you tried Gas-X? I take 3 extra strength chewable Gas-X (they taste like berry) and it makes the gas easier to pass. That, and a long walk.

Hope you feel better soon!


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on 1/22/11 2:56 pm - Canada
Oh Jess it sucks that you are being hit with all this at once....yikes!  I know how hard it must be to drink constantly but it sounds like it's important.

I know that two things have worked for me to expel gas:  massage my belly starting just below my breasts and not pushing too hard just a firm pressure going downward from one side to the other and across again - picture your intestine winding back and forth and follow that path with your hand.

Secondly I have found that walking really helps.  Go in a safe but isolated area and/or with someone you are comfortable passing gas in front of as you want to get this stuff out and holding back is not good for you so if it wants to come - let it!

Hoping the days ahead are more comfortable for you.



on 1/22/11 2:56 pm
You might want to try tea made with real ginger root.  Anise tea, or add real lemon juice to your water.  Has something to do with getting the PH down in your tummy to make less gas. 

on 1/22/11 2:58 pm
A "colic baby" trick also works with adults... lay on back, bend knees and place feet flat up against a wall... and .. well you know the rest :) 
(deactivated member)
on 1/22/11 3:11 pm - San Jose, CA
Another position - on hands and knees, butt in air, face in pillow, massage abdomen.

Don't allow anyone you can't trust to see you in this position!  Especially if they have a camera!
on 1/22/11 4:41 pm
I didn't post earlier because I wanted to post exactly what Diana said. I just didn't have the balls to. So what she said :) Also, try bicycling on your back with your feet in the air. My mom recommended certain yoga positions when I had trapped gas with my first surgery. It is terrible tense and uncomfortable feeling, especially since you might feel like the gas isn't close enough (yet) to where it needs to be to be expelled. But I wonder if there is something you can eat to cause even more gas and get it all out...combined with a surface tension reducer like dimethicone or simethicone. Maybe eat lots of chili or indian food and see if that helps :) Good luck!
P. Poster
on 1/22/11 4:49 pm
 I have to agree with Kirmy and Inge- please call your surgeon, tonight.  And go back to the ER and demand IV fluids- tell them to go **** themselves if they say no and that you will file a malpractice suit.  It's JUST saline for Christ sake, what the hell is wrong with these people "no IV".......
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on 1/22/11 5:36 pm
Get thee to a surgeon or to the ER.  Partial bowel obstructions can cause your symptoms.  The problem is they can progress to complete bowel obstructions.  Hopefully it will turn out to be nothing, but better safe than sorry. 

How is your doctor diagnosing your dehydration?  Are your BUN and creatinine elevated or is she basing it on ketones on your urine which may just indicate weight loss?  Sounds like your fluid intake is adequate.  Are your stools rock-hard?  Are you taking simethicone?  Are you overdoing carbs, wheat, sugar alcohols, beans that may be causing excessive gas?  Are you taking probiotics?  Sorry I haven't read prior posts so I may be repeating questions.  Just trying to get to the bottom of the problem.

Please go get this checked out.
J G.
on 1/22/11 5:49 pm
Jess, How are you doing?  I have had trapped gas like that and it's no fun!

 I wanted to add on to Diana's suggested postion idea.  Some people can't get down on their knees (arthritis, etc.)  If so, try lowering you chest  as far as it will go to a matress or perhaps a sofa topped with some pillows.  This will get you butt up in the air also.

 It worries me that you have been like this all week.  ????  Could it be possible that you are eating something that is giving you gas and you just haven't realized it yet?.  Lactose or whey or something.  Good news is that the antibiotic should start helping any infections soon.  Drink lots of cranberry juice.  If the pain gets worse go to an ER and have them do a CT to look for an obstruction. 

hugs, Jenny

on 1/22/11 7:10 pm - Central, FL
I am hoping by now that you've gotten further relief or answers. The part that's odd to me is that you are on all of the antibiotics and still have gas? When I'm on any antibiotic I have zero gas. I really hope you are feeling better and this is not a bowel obstruction. I'm swinging some kitties for ya!

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on 1/22/11 8:00 pm - Sedona, AZ
I feel swollen with gas some nights too if I ate carbs it seems and just pressing on my belly seems to start the gas moving and moving around when I am laying down in different positions also get it moving too and I  can imagine your discomfort!! I hope they figure it all out for you and you get help! Keep us posted!
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Winnie the Pooh
on 1/23/11 12:10 am
DS on 09/14/10 with
Aww hon I'm sorry! Come down to where I am, they are definitely a "better safe than sorry" hospital. I will show you around town! :D