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Duodenal Switch after having RNY Surgery.

Charmaine C.
on 5/18/11 11:26 am - Columbus, OH
I would like to know if I could get Duodenal Switch after having RNY Surgery. I read that some people get this done when they gain a large amount of weight back.  Has anyone had this procedure done? Do doctors offer this to their patients after other failed diets? I would like to know of any side affects side effects, insurance approval and how much will you have to weigh to get it done. Thanks
on 5/18/11 11:47 am - OKC, OK

What you are considering is a revision and a great many of us have had it done. I can't address insurance coverage since it depends on your insurance policy.

A good place to start, besides reading this forum, is

Good luck with your research.
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on 5/18/11 11:58 am - Salem, OR
VSG on 11/23/10 with
what kind of revision did you have?
on 5/18/11 12:22 pm - OKC, OK
I had a RNY many, many years ago and revised to a DS 5 months ago.
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Ruby Sue Robinson
on 5/18/11 1:18 pm - eustis, fl
how are you doing since your DS
on 5/18/11 1:35 pm - OKC, OK
I actually am doing really well. The weight loss after a revision is much slower than after a virgin DS, but it does happen. Besides weight loss my goals were to deal with my diabetes and hypertension. I have not had any oral DM medication since before surgery and my last insulin dose was 2 days after surgery. At this point my hypertension and diabetes are gone and I feel better than I have in years.

I have had some eating problems and food intolerances, but they seem to be improving.

For me it was the right decision.
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on 5/16/14 4:28 pm - Lincoln, AL

TeachMid, I know it's been a long time since this thread originated but I wanted to try to ask a question; maybe one of you will see it. I had RNY in 2002, looking to revise to DS due to massive regain in past 2-3 years. I way that the loss for revision is much slower. Could you possibly elaborate so I could have some tangible comparison? I thank you in advance for your time!!

Jennifer D.
on 5/18/11 1:27 pm
Your doctor may not offer you DS if that's not a surgery they do. You especially want an expert for a revision. This is the list of DS surgeons from You'd have to call or post here to see if they do revisions. I had (am in the process of having) mine with Dr. Gagner in Montreal.
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on 5/19/11 1:55 am
Revision on 08/11/08 with
I had a revision from an RNY performed in 2000; to a DS in 2008. I had gained a lot of the weight back and was approaching diabetes, again.

If I were u, I would start with and read up on the surgery, doctors ect. Then come back here and ask questions, there are many of us who are willing to help you.

Be aware that it's a 'LIFETIME' commitment to vitamins and keeping your bloodwork in a healthy place. You have to have a bit of a thick skin and be an advocate for yourself with your doctors etc. There is a risk of a lea****uring and other complications, because you are a revision. But most of us went thru without incident.

You will need an experienced surgeon who has done revisions before. You may have to travel, don't let that scare or deter you if you are truly serious about the DS.

How much weight have you re-gained? When did u have your RNY?

on 5/20/11 5:12 pm - South Central, PA
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Hi, Charmaine.  What Gail and Dana said...ditto!  A revision is totally possible.

I'd just also encourage you to read and the information on this site to get really familiar with the DS itself.  If you're interested in having it, just get ready for the medical establishment to try to talk you out of it.

The revision board here on OH also has a lot of folks who have revised from the RnY to the DS.

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on 5/20/11 10:19 pm
Absolutely!  I am an RNY (1998) to DS conversion (2008) with Dr Rabkin in San Francisco. I blogged my situation with the RNY in my profile beginning in 2002 (there is a link to my old profile in my new profile). 

My suggestion would be no matter what you decide to do, definitely take a long hard look at the DS and research as much as you can before deciding to go any other route. It is not uncommon to find people *****vised from one RNY to another RNY only to find another disappointment.

It took forever: Still had to do the full multi-disciplinary process to satisfy insurance requirements
It was expensive, yes: Out of pocket costs were incredible ($10k upfront BEFORE insurance)
It was painful, yes: Thought I was going to die in recovery (to me, the pain was ridiculous)
Protein/Vitamins/Other Nutrional Supplements: FOREVER!
If I am not cautious, yes, BM's smell...but I never met anyone who's sh*t don't stank!

This is minimizing the surgery of course.  There is so much to learn but lurk a bit on the DS board. Go to .  Disregard those who have nothing but negativity to share about the surgery because they usually have no reliable knowledge of it. Visit the revisions board. When you've decided to make it happen and go for the DS, next move: Get the best of the best surgeons. My choice was Dr Rabkin.

I have absolutely NO regrets. Regarding insurance, I followed this as if I were a first timer:

It also addresses:
  1. Repeat Bariatric Surgery:

    Aetna considers medically necessary surgery to correct complications from bariatric surgery, such as obstruction, stricture, erosion, or band slippage.

    Aetna considers repeat bariatric surgery medically necessary for members whose initial bariatric surgery was medically necessary (i.e., who met medical necessity criteria for their initial bariatric surgery), and who meet either of the following medical necessity criteria:

    1. Conversion to a RYGB or BPD/DS may be considered medically necessary for members who have not had adequate success (defined as loss of more than 50 percent of excess body weight) two years following the primary bariatric surgery procedure and the member has been compliant with a prescribed nutrition and exercise program following the procedure; or
    2. Revision of a primary bariatric surgery procedure that has failed due to dilation of the gastric pouch is considered medically necessary if the primary procedure was successful in inducing weight loss prior to the pouch dilation, and the member has been compliant with a prescribed nutrition and exercise program following the procedure; or
    3. Replacement of an adjustable band due to complications (e.g., port leakage, slippage) that cannot be corrected with band manipulation or adjustments.

Good luck to you...