Haven't pooped for a week...surgery was last Thursday

on 8/29/11 5:39 am
Is that ok?
Did anyone take anything post op?
Prune juice?
Elizabeth N.
on 8/29/11 5:47 am - Burlington County, NJ
Are you passing any gas? If not it's doctor visit time.

If you can fart okay and you are not aware of any particular, um, buildup, it might just be that you are taking in next to nothing by mouth, so there's hardly any waste to get rid of.

If you are aware of stuff that isn't moving, then there are lots of things you can take. Miralax, Colace (docusate sodium), prune juice, a Fleet enema, a glycerin suppository....Just don't take a stimulant laxative without your doc's express direction.

And when in doubt CALL THE DOC. It's much better call too often than not often enough. You won't necessarily speak to Dr. Gagner about all this stuff, but there are qualified people around who can talk about it.

on 8/29/11 5:57 am
You should call your surgeon.

They wouldn't release me from the hospital until I had pooped which would put it at 4 days post op on the outside.

Even though it is liquid in/liquid out at this point, something should have come from there.

Are you getting in enough liquids?
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on 8/29/11 6:30 am
My bowels just didn't want to wake up and took 7 days until I could poop after surgery. I wasn't feeling impacted or constipated.  Drank LOTS of fluids.. sip sip sip!  When I finally went, it wasn't a large amount, but I've never been so happy.

If there's no discomfort, you are getting your fluids, passing gas, I wouldn't worry about it. Just remember to let surgeon know if it goes much longer than 7 days. Miralax is gentle and was recommended if I hadn't had a bm at day  7.

on 8/29/11 7:07 am
Thanks everyone.  I am passing lots of gas and hear plenty of rumbling in there. 
I have been drinking lots and lots of fluid and walking up and down my hotel room.
I will wait a couple more days and then maybe start some delicious prune juice.
Thanks a bunch.

on 8/29/11 2:52 pm
I thought I would never poop.  I drank prune juice with miralax in it...nothing...finally I tried milk of mag + prune juice and alas I pooped...but it took at least a day.  I know how you feel but you will poop eventually.  I kept the prune juice handy and the MoM nearby for a while cause I needed it but I finally got to going DS normally. 

on 8/29/11 4:35 pm - Flagstaff, AZ
If you're farting and rumbling and don't feel constipated I don't think it's time to sweat yet.  It took me around 6 days to poop.  It was a teeny amount but like said above, it felt AWESOME to finally go.  Kind of like "ok, the last system is up and running... let's go recover!"

However, if you stop farting or you feel constipated or uncomfortable, definitely call your surgeon right away.

on 8/29/11 9:48 pm - OH
DS on 07/18/11 with
I didn't have a bm for 10 days post-surgery. I was passing gas and things were rumbling around. My surgeon wasn't concerned, but because I was, he had me put half a bottle of liquid mag citrate through my feeding tube on day 9. That worked, but I still didn't go a lot, as I hadn't put much in.

Check with your surgeon.

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on 8/29/11 11:15 pm
Michele, I didn't go for a week.  Call, or email veronique with your question to be sure, but if you're not in pain, it does happen.
Pick your surgery first, then your surgeon. Not the other way around.  
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on 8/29/11 11:22 pm
Thanks Allie!!
I called the nurse at Rockland and they said it's normal.  As long as you are passing gas and things are rumbling (which they are) you are ok!

I'm going to have some chicken broth and take a walk!
Thanks again Allie!!
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