Blood Filled Boils

on 7/30/12 4:48 pm
On another board, the DS problems board, someone posted about having blood filled boils.  OMG!!!!  This just happened to me, and I had never read about it here before.  Just as I was having a protein deficiency problem, my butt and thighs broke out in blood filled boils.  They fill, ooze, drain and refill.  The Doc thought it might be related, so he suggested we just work on the protein problems.  Well, I;ve gotten my counts up, and the boils persist.  Someone on the other board suggested it may be a K problem.  I take 1 from Vitalady already, and there's K in my multi and I'm a greens eater.  Has this happened to anyone here?  How did y fix it?  I've tried antibacterial scrubs, antibiotic ointment, ickthamol drawing salve, keeping them covered, letting them be exposed to air, etc.  Nothing is working...  Might be TMI, but I'm a cotton underwear wearer, shower at least daily, etc....   HELP!       Mary C

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on 7/30/12 6:57 pm - VA
I'm sorry, Mary. I haven't heard talk of this. Maybe an email to Vitalady?


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on 7/30/12 10:15 pm - Northwest Mountains, GA
 OMG - this is the first I've ever heard of such a thing.   

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on 7/31/12 12:12 am - CA
A few years before my DS I had recurring boils.  It was horrible and painful.  They can spread underneath the skin along tracts if they pop under the skin instead of out of the skin.  I thought they would never go away.  I did some treatment where I had to put a cream antibiotic in my nose for several days to kill the infection.  I don't remember it working. 
I'm not sure how they ended up going away.  I think mine were from my legs rubbing together and the heat.  They were on my inner thighs.  Sorry I don't have an answer for you.  I do understand the frustration and pain though.  I did put drawing salve on them to help bring them out more quickly and that helped.  It's brown and thick and smells horrible though. 


on 7/31/12 8:13 am
A friend of mine was having trouble with boils, and it turned out to be a staph infection. Have you been checked for staph?
on 7/31/12 9:36 am
I was getting these and not sure what was causing them I got them under my butt / back / inner thighs... the doctor said it was a bacteria. But I shower daily, always clean clothes ect . A freind of mine suggested Natural Cellular Defense,  zeolite I took it orally and also placed a few drops in/on the boils with in 2 weeks they were gone and have not come back! Best of luck to you in figuring out what is causing them!


on 7/31/12 10:34 am - Philly, PA
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mary, i have nothing to offer with this uncomfortable problem.  just wanted to send some hugs{{{}}} and hope you get an answer.
before my ds, i used to get boils.  most times they festered and grew inside my vagina.  extremely painful.  once i had to have one lanced at the gyn's office.  the blood and puss drained from it for over 10 mins. i could hardly walk into the dr's office, so  lancing it was actually relief.   so gross.
dr's told me it was a bacteria thing and ran in cycles. i too have always worn cotton panties. 
hope you get some relief.



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on 7/31/12 10:34 am
 You may want to check this out. I have no idea if this is your problem, but you may want to find out.
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on 7/31/12 11:39 am
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Yes, this sounds like hidradenitis suppurativa.  I have experience with this.  It is not really a "boil" probably.  I have had a couple of boils and when you smash them the pain is HORRIBLE and pus comes out and it smells.  It is an infection and will spread if you don't handle them right. Since it is a blood blister it sounds more like HS.

The hidradenitis suppurativa lesions I have had are where skin rubs together, specifically between my thighs.  The lesions almost look black.  I can't smash them like I could do a boil.  I can take a needle and lance them and they are full of blood.  Then they dry out but often leave a blackish mark behind.  It almost looks like I have dark stretch marks between the old lesions and I think they are called tunnels with this disease. 

I don't have them that often but when I have them, it is usually more than one lesion at a time.  I normally get them when I'm traveling and I walk a lot and my legs rub together a bunch.  I make sure I put thick lotion or a "glide" between my legs to lessen the friction.  I also think they are related to having low iron.  Make sure your iron and ferritin are good.
on 7/31/12 12:05 pm
Thanks everybody for the responses and suggestions.  My last ferritins/irons were good, but I'll see if they'll re-check them....  i'm reading about the hidradentis,  so thats a maybe....  however, i just developed a sinus infection  (yep, rough summer), so they started me on Zithromax for 5 days...maybe that will help too....  If I find a magic cure, I'lll post it!!!
    As always, thanks to everyone for their advice and support....  I still get so much out of reading here!    Mary   C

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