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on 10/3/12 12:23 pm
DS on 02/15/11 with
Just wondering what helps to relieve diarrhea.    Immodium does not work for me.       
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated 

Thank uou
on 10/3/12 12:45 pm - TN
Bananas, the other things I can think of like rice and toast are not DS friendly.
on 10/5/12 7:30 am

Banananas not friendly?  Are you kidding me?  I know they're full of carbs, but I eat them all the time.  My 75cm CC nmakes it very difficult for ANYTHING to put weight on me!

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on 10/3/12 12:46 pm - Half Moon Bay, CA
DS on 03/15/12

Just wanted to thank you for posting the question. I have had a similiar issue in the past 24 hours and would love to know something that works. Not sure what has brought it on for me.

Thanks for the help, Terri
on 10/3/12 1:15 pm - Ottawa, Canada
DS on 08/28/12
So far, I have found that eating less fat really helps.
on 10/3/12 5:54 pm - Westlake, OH
DS on 08/06/12
Oh, trust me...I get diarrhea too! It's all about what you eat! The more fatty, the more loose!
J G.
on 10/3/12 9:15 pm
maybe Pepto

If you think it's a toxin you really just want to get it all out....
on 10/3/12 9:20 pm - CA
 omething posted on this site a long time ago worked well for too loose poops: add fiber.  Many think of fiber as something to take to counteract constipation - to make your stool softer/looser.   But, adding fiber does give the loose stool some bulk.  Also, minerals are often very contsipating (iron, calcium, zinc) so maybe taking more of those would work for you?  My fiber use is about 4 Tbsp of 1/2 ground flax seed and 1/2 chia seeds usually take in yogurt or a protein drink and follow that with at least one glass of water.

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Valerie G.
on 10/4/12 3:58 am, edited 10/4/12 8:02 am - Northwest Mountains, GA
The trick with immodium is that you need to take it every time you have a movement. It's not a once every 4 hours kind of thing. Another thing you and Karen both want to look into is why you're having this. Is it a virus and needing to run its course or is it bacterial? Bacterial imbalance is the only thing that brings me to the edge, and a day of yogurt fixes it. Probiotics are very powerful and it doesn't take anything complicataed or expensive to add them. A daily yogurt keeps me in line.

Adding a note here - I define diarrhea as uncontrollable squirting stool (yeah, ****ting yourself). If you're simply referring to loose stools that you encounter on the toilet, then just simply get used to them. They vary with food, yes, but no big deal.

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on 10/4/12 3:27 pm - Half Moon Bay, CA
DS on 03/15/12

My experience since being home has been around 3-4 very loose stools per-day. The Probiotics does not seem to help me but I am taking one. I started with Primal Defense 2x, then 3x per-day. When they did not help the surgeon's office said to try a different one so now I am using Trader Joes 2x per-day. Though I know it is doing good things for me it does not seem to help with the bowel movements.

Then when I eat something... for me it is definitely not fat but maybe was the nuts in the trail mix... I will be going 8-10 times per-day to the point it becomes painful. So far I have not been able to narrow down the food which causes this. I have had it on good days with lots of protein and on a day when I had popcorn (I am the carb problem person).

It makes me uncomfortable to be out of the house sometimes and definitely hope the whole situation improves with time.

Thanks for all the great help. Terri
on 10/5/12 10:36 am
Any chance you're lactose intolerant? Try cutting out ALL milk for as few days.
on 10/4/12 6:19 am, edited 10/4/12 6:20 am

I swear by yogurt! I get plain lowfat *not* fat-free, and flavor it myself with Slenda and whatever extract I want to put in it. The liquid Immodium works better for me than the pills, if I need it. Lots of fiber helps immensely, but be careful not to fill yourself up with fiber and forego protein intake.

I eat a very high fiber complex carb dry cereal for breakfast and for snacks called Kashi Go Lean (RED BOX) It also has 13 grams of protein per serving. They also have very yummy protein bars! They are available at just about every grocery store, in the cereal and granola bar aisle. At walmart, you may also find them near the pharmacy, and occasionally, Big Lots has Several varieties of both the cereal and the protein bars. Cautionary note: The Crunch variety has a honey coating on it, and if you were going to get that, I would get the Honey Almond Flax, and mix *sparingly* with the red box variety, which is the original formula. The Crisp variety also has more sugar, and again, I use it only as a very small qualntity mix-in. It doesn't take a lot to change the flavor, for variety's sake. You can even sprinkle a little cinnamon on the red box type, or even sesame or chia seeds if you want even more fiber.

I have also noticed that if have have been slack on my calcium for some reason, I tend to be a little looser at toilet time. Calcium is a great binder, and is also non-negotiable for us. Perhaps try to take a little extra, and see how that works, It can't hurt!

Hope it helps.

One of my compatriots swears by chia seeds. You can buy them at most health food stores.

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on 10/4/12 3:28 pm - Half Moon Bay, CA
DS on 03/15/12
Thanks for the tip on the Go Lean cereal. I have had before the surgery but because it having any carbs had not thought of it since the surgery. It is good to know it is an option. I am getting so sick of the same protein sources it will be a nice change of pace. Thanks again, Terri
on 10/5/12 7:25 am, edited 10/5/12 7:26 am

Not sure how far out you are, but if your recent, you might want to let the Kashi soak up some milk before trying to eat it. it is very crunchy and fiber packed, so if your DS is on the new side, softer is better.

HW 405/SW 397/CW 157.2/GW 160  Do the research!  Check the stats!
The DS is *THE* solution to Severe Morbid Obesity!