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Nancy T.
on 10/31/13 12:02 am
DS on 07/16/13

I recently invested nearly $400 on the three month supply of VitaLady vitamins for DSers.  I'm already regretting it.  That is SOOOOO many pills to take!  Plus,  it seems the round 3 (evening) ones are affecting my stomach so it makes me nauseated.  I've tried taking them slower, one by one, and by the time I'm done and they are all ingested, I can't tell which one affects me -- maybe the combo of them all.  I don't know if it's allowed on this forum, but I'd be willing to sell two month's worth.  They  have not been removed from their packaging.   Seriously, do we really need this many vitamins?  I've learned that I should have bought the one month supply and see how that worked.



Corbin Y.
on 10/31/13 1:05 am - New York, NY
DS on 03/26/13 with

I can tell you that the VitaLady vites work.  I started them 30 days out, and it wasn't easy.  It took me a couple of weeks to adjust to them.  I had a lot of cramping at first, and some burping from the iron pills.  Some of the pills are large sized, such as the mutlis, and can be crushed, and mixed into protein shakes.  It will make a world of difference on your labs.  A lot of her vitamin doses, such as the E and A doses, you can only get from her.  Many other vitamins are oil based, which we cannot digest properly.   Her iron is the only one that seems to work for many DSers short of certain prescription iron supplements.  Try it if you can.  I just got together with 6 other DSers at a dinner get together in NYC, and we had one ask the same question.  The 5 of us who all did VitaLady, including a DSers 13 years out, said that they are the way to go.  The two people who were not doing VitaLady had labs that were a royal mess.  Not a scientific study, but from reading enough threads here and on other boards, VitaLady works! 

Nancy T.
on 10/31/13 1:09 am
DS on 07/16/13

thank you, Corbin.  I will hang tough, looking forward to when they don't react to me like that.  I just can't believe how many pills there are to take.  I don't think I've had a day yet where I have taken all four sets.  And that B1 thiacin dissolve one tastes just nasty.



on 10/31/13 2:42 am - London, United Kingdom
DS on 07/24/12
I do all the Vitalady vites apart from iron as those gave me cramps. Try doing one iron tablet a day for a week and then the next week go to two for the week and so on. I had problems when I got to three.

I now get iron on script and am due to see a hematologist soon as my ferritin is dropping. I still take one Tender iron a day plus my script though.

BTW how were your three month labs?

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on 10/31/13 3:07 am - Nashville, TN
Revision on 03/18/15
Totally,we need all these vitamins! Slow down a lot and even if you don't get all foru packs in a day in,get what you can. Slower is better than not at all. Please DO NOT decide you don't need vitamins! If you do that,you will be back here one day in a world of problems begging for help! Seriously and totally. We have seen it again and again.

Do the best you can till you start getting your labs and then tweak where you need to.

A lot of it is mind set. We" can" do what we think we can N we " can't" do what we think we can't. If we think we can't,we don't. It is very simple,really.




on 10/31/13 3:59 am - Parma, OH
DS on 04/15/13

I don't think one-by-one is really going to help you figure out the problem.

You need to add one new one per night to try and figure out what is causing you distress. I'm not familiar with the pre-packed vits. How many different types are in round 3? It won't harm you to take just one type the first night then add another type each night after that.

Once you start getting your labs you may find out you can get by with less. Everyone tweaks based on their labs - either adding or subtracting.

Many of us end up buying individual vits from multiple sources, including Vitalady, this allows you to tweak amounts and to save money in comparison to the pre-packaged vits. Pre packs are a great way to go while you are learning the ins and outs of vitamins but not usually anyones long term solution.

I pack a 30 day MedCentre pill organizer at the beginnng of the month. Each day has 4 compartments and then I do the iron before I go to bed. 

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Nancy T.
on 10/31/13 5:08 am
DS on 07/16/13

OK, no one is letting me off the hook on this!  I will get my first labs done in a couple of weeks.   So after taking these vits for a couple weeks, I should get a good indication of where my levels are with these pills.  I appreciate your input on the importance of taking all of these.  My NUT gave me a list of required vits, and there were only about 15 per day, so it really threw me to get all of VL's pills.  And many of them are HUGE.  This is also a good way to ensure I'm getting a lot of fluids.

on 10/31/13 7:34 am - VA

Another vitamin that gives some people issues is zinc. If you can single that one out from the batch, and slow down on the iron, and slow done just a little on the others...let's see if it's the zinc. No pressure, but we can't let you off the hook. ((hugs)) Oh, and cut any horse pills in half and try them in a small chunk. You can do it!


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on 10/31/13 9:23 am
The only vitamin I don't take on her list is The B multi. My labs came back very high and I discontinued. We donr have a problem malabsorbing B anyways.

Make sure you eat some food with your vitamins. Dang if I forgot this morning as I was out and about and I had really bad stomach pains. It happens every time I don't take food with my vites. Very is a rare occassion that I forget.

I should note that I take no iron as I don't absorb iron. I had absorption tests at the hematologist to prove it. Thus, I can't comment on iron.
on 10/31/13 9:34 am - Grand Rapids, MI

I'm only three months out and wont have labs again until 6 months, but my plan is to take vitamins as I need them. I do get the 50,000 IU of D and 25,000 IU of A from vitalady. I might also get iron from vitalady when I'm done with my chewables because I'm tired of chewing all of these pills. I take a celebrate multi ADEK so I don't get that from vitalady and I was just started on Calcium Citrate and found it 40% off at Meijer so I bought a few big bottles. I also picked up biotin from Meijer.

So you don't have to only buy from Vitalady. Sounds like you might have purchased the pre-packaged monthly stuff? I've heard many people say you can save my buy things individually and sorting it yourself.

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