Gagging on Shakes
on 10/25/17 11:45 pm, edited 10/25/17 11:46 pm


I am 2 weeks out from a revision from VSG to DS. I have never liked Protein Drinks, but found a few that were tolerable.

I have heard of taste changing after surgery, but did not have that with my VSG. NOTHING, I mean nothing taste ?right?. My only saving grace is Crystal Light Peach Tea.

My real worry is that I am gagging on my protein shakesI take a drink and it just sits in my mouth. It?s like my body is refusing to swallow. If I push and I do swallow, I have a horrible gag reflex.

is this normal? Has anyone else had this? Suggestions?

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Valerie G.
on 10/26/17 5:34 am - Northwest Mountains, GA

It's time to try something new, then. Try egg protein for a lessor aftertaste. Also, your stomach is the same, so you should be able to eat your protein without shakes if you do so strategically.

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on 10/26/17 6:07 am

Thanks - I will look for something. Actually, my stomach was re-sleeved due to significant stretching.

Revision from Sleeve to DS (with re-Sleeve) on 10/10/17. Slow and steady ...

on 10/26/17 8:42 am - Raleigh, NC

I had that problem, the shakes I liked prior to my surgery were too thick afterwards and I couldn't get them down. I changed to a different not so thick shake and added more water. That helped.
on 10/26/17 4:14 pm

The thought of adding liquid makes me sick. Just more to gag down.

cannot wait to eat real food!

Revision from Sleeve to DS (with re-Sleeve) on 10/10/17. Slow and steady ...

Janet P.
on 10/27/17 7:14 am

I saw the same way - absolutely hated the shakes. Try drinking through a straw. I know they say not to, but give it a try.

Janet in Leesburg
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Hazem Elariny

on 10/29/17 9:21 pm - Parma, OH
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If you are doing pre-mixed shakes you might try some powders and make them with water. Early on I found the pre-mix shakes too thick to easily drink but when I tried Optimum Nutrition with the right amount of water it went down OK. I saw someone also suggested the egg protein shakes (Jay Robb I think) and if it is the whey causing your problem that might work better.

Lastly, some people just can't do it but they find they can add unflavored protein powder to things like yogurt and get the protein in that way. Just a thought.


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