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on 11/17/17 6:58 am
  1. Hi I'm having the SADi-s surgery with a 300cm channel on monday. Since most support groups are large with DS veterans and talk about the need to eat regular fat verse low fat. I'm wondering if that would apply to the sadi-s as well or would a a longer channel require a different food plan. And as many point out nutritionists aren't always the most knowledgeable in these procedures. Thanks in advance for the support! :)

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SADI is still widely unknown, and even with DS, the docs and nutritionists can't get it right on how we should eat or what supplements we need. They leave many of us on the road to malnutrition.

With a 300 cm common channel, you'll absorb much more fats (3x more) than a DSer will, so you may wish to be mindful about eating as much fat as the rest of us do. Just to be safe, I'd start with a strong DS vitamin regimen, such as what is recommended by Don't put all of your trust into a designer bariatric formula vitamin. Their only significance is the price, and many of us watched our levels tank while we took them.

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I think regular fat would still be fine but you will have to be more careful than those of us with a traditional DS. You will also see some people talking about high fat diets but I don't do that and wouldn't suggest it for a SADI.

Mostly the food plan is the same though. You still want to eat into the strengths of your surgery. High protein, low carb and then expand your menu's as you get close to a goal weight.

I wouldn't argue with a Nut pushing low fat in your case but I would take it with a grain of salt.

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Janet P.
on 11/20/17 7:41 am

If you choose to follow a typical DS eating, remember that, in most cases, anything called "low fat" usually has added sugar, so start checking carb content. I would stay away from low fat foods. I never eat low fat anything.

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