Finding my groove post surgery

on 11/19/17 4:38 am
Hello everyone! I’m trying to find my happy place post surgery. With food and my body but it seems hard. On 10/6 I had the DS done after having a previous sleeve in 2010. I wasn’t resleeved at all. Since then I’ve lost quite a bit of weight. I literally only want to lose another 5-10 pounds but haven’t figured out how I’ll stop that from happening. Ironically, I’m never really hungry but I can tolerate mostly everything same as before. I’m not a sweets person so I can’t attest to that stuff but I’m not interested anyway. I use a tracker to track activity and I’m daily always well over my goal. I want to resume exercise now that’s it been a few weeks but I’m nervous I’ll just keep losing weight faster. I’m wondering when did your weight loss stop?

Also, I literally get morning sickness a few times a week when I wake up. So friggin weird. This happen to anyone? When it happens it’s lke a thirty minutes loss of time for me. I haven’t figured what causes it yet as it seems random.

Anyway helpful suggestions or input would be much appreciated. Thanks....
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Valerie G.
on 11/19/17 12:32 pm - Northwest Mountains, GA

That morning sickness sensation is overnight dehydration. I know of some who had that and got into a habit of waking up in the night to drink some water (kept glass on nightstand). Another just woke up a few minutes earlier and drank some water, then waited for it to kick in before she got up.

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Janet P.
on 11/20/17 9:56 am

Since you just had your DS about 6 weeks ago and you're now only 5-10 pounds from goal, you need to start adding carbs to help slow your weight loss. For me the weight loss slowed as I naturally started to eat more and add more carbs the farther out from surgery I got. It took me almost 10 months to lose all my excess weight but I had the DS in one stage. You probably need someone who was a two parter (VSG first then the switch later) to answer your question directly.

Check with your surgeon before resuming your exercise, since you did just have MAJOR surgery less than 2 months ago. My surgeon had me weight approximately 4 months before I could exercise. Ironically when I exercise, I do it not to lose weight but to tone muscle. Don't do any cardio - you don't want to burn calories because then you'll simply have to replenish those burned calories. My "cardio" amounts to walking 1 mile on a treadmill.

Can't help with the morning sickness question but seems like Val had the right answer for you.

Janet in Leesburg
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Hazem Elariny

on 11/25/17 6:08 am
Thanks. It really seems like this whole process is a case by case because so many people I meet share stories and they vary so much. I really appreciate your feed back and Val's. Everyone suggests the boards but based on the lack of responsiveness I may need to stick with those support groups.

With the holidays around I'll try and add in some healthy carbs. Thanks again!
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