Happy Monday!

on 12/4/17 6:27 am
DS on 04/01/17


AM Vitamins -

1st Breakfast - Protein shake

AM Snack - Yogurt w/blueberries

Lunch - Protein shake

PM Snack - Nuts & Salami

PM Vitamins

Dinner - Ham & Egg Scramble

Janet P.
on 12/4/17 8:54 am

Is there a reason you're only drinking your breakfast and lunch? Based on your other post about a stall, I would say you're simply not eating enough (or taking in enough since you're not really eating anything except dinner and a couple of snacks). Your body thinks your dieting so it's holding onto every calorie you put in. You also don't mention anything abou****er. Are you getting in at least 64 ounces of water per day?

Exactly how much protein are you taking in every day? Carbs? Fa****er?

Janet in Leesburg
DS 2/25/03
Hazem Elariny

on 12/4/17 8:25 pm
DS on 04/01/17

Hi Janet,

Thank you so much for the reply. Do you think I should be drinking my dinner as well? I'm trying to get 80-90 grams of protein but now I'm not sure if that is enough. I'm also trying to keep my carbs around 50 grams I had my surgery in a different state then I live and the after care has been minimal. I really appreciate your questions. As far as water, I do try my hardest to get 64 oz. per day. Do you think I'm heading in the right direction?

Janet P.
on 12/5/17 3:52 am

Emma I'm old school and tried to get my protein from food (and not supplements) as soon as I could. Others disagree and continue to supplement for maintenance. Personally I think you should start introducing more food and less supplements. You're 8 months post-op and should be getting more than 80-90 grams of protein per day. The rule of thumb was always 30 grams by 30 days, 60 grams by 60 days, 90 grams by 90 days. I always aimed for closer to 125 grams per day, and continue to eat that much protein every day.

Definitely add something - Gina suggested salad. Just make sure there's protein in that salad - a little lettuce to go with that ham/turkey/eggs/cheese. You may need fat as well. Full fat salad dressing, full fat mayo, etc.

You're heading in the right direction but need a little push :) Start trying to up everything - including water. Keep snacks close by. Make sure those snacks are loaded with protein. Keep a little cooler (even just a lunch bag or something) with you if you can (not sure what your work situation is). Snack on cheese, deli meat, high protein yogurt, cottage cheese. Always have water with you and sip sip sip.

Keep asking questions. You'll get lots of answers and ultimately you'll figure out what works for you.

Janet in Leesburg
DS 2/25/03
Hazem Elariny

on 12/6/17 7:44 pm
DS on 04/01/17

Janet, Thank you so much! I really appreciate all the ideas. :)


on 12/5/17 2:00 am - VA

This early out I think you're fine. Give it a week or so to see if it changes your slow down. If not maybe add a small salad to lunch. Lots of green leafy stuff and a low carb dressing. Looks great!


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on 12/6/17 6:23 pm - Philly, PA
DS on 07/01/09 with

Thank Heavens for protein shakes!!! Well, that's my opinion anyway. I have to supplement my meals with them, or I can't get it in a good amount of protein. Dense meat is still hard for me to eat comfortably. A 4oz hamburger patty can take me hours to eat.

So , I eat smaller portions and add protein shakes. I feel as long as you get the protein in, it doesn't matter from what source. Just make sure your liquid protein is whey isolate.

good luck on your journey. This is an amazing ride.



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on 12/7/17 2:07 pm
DS on 11/11/14

I myself only use drinks after lifting weights. I believe in eating real protein. I stay away from fruits (all sugar) and veggies - either carbs or hard on stomach. I feel eating like you are is basically a diet, which you shouldn't need. DS needs to be fed.

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